18 Tom Hiddleston Gifs That Capture Your Weekend Roller Coaster Of Emotions

When it comes to celebrities, Tom Hiddleston is the gold standard. Whether he's crooning like Johnny Cash, plotting world domination as Loki, or flashing his much-discussed butt in Crimson Peak , Hiddleston can do no wrong. Even as he plays these larger than life characters, he also seems like a totally normal guy. I mean, Hiddleston is the first to get real about romance, and everyone knows he can be adorably awkward in interviews. He also happens to work his butt off — by the time 2015 ends he will have released four movies this year alone, and he also squeezed in time to film a TV series, The Night Manager. I have a feeling Hiddleston is living for the weekends just like everyone else.

In fact, I have gifs to prove my point. Allow Hiddleston to use his magnificent facial expressions to illustrate how you feel on the weekend. From the sweet release of making it to quitting time on Fridays to the frustration of Saturday plans you totally forgot you made to the heaven that is sleeping in on Sunday mornings, there is a Hiddleston gif for that.

Enjoy this preview of your weekend to come, courtesy of Hiddleston gifs because Hiddleston just gets you and all of your weekend feels.

1. When You Get Off Of Work Early On Friday

When your boss decides to let you go 10 minutes early on Friday, you are basically a supervillain on their birthday as you give your co-workers a "See ya, suckers!" and run toward the elevator laughing maniacally.

2. Calling Your Squad To Make Friday Night Plans...

You're gonna go out, you're gonna party like it's 2009, and you're still a fearless collegiate club hopper. IT'S ALL HAPPENING.

3. And They All Already Have Plans — To Sleep

Oh, that's right, you're all old now. Never mind, you can make your own fun.

4. Getting Cozy With The Internet

Netflix, Tumblr, and Twitter are your true Friday night friends. And takeout.

5. Waking Up Saturday Morning & Remembering You Promised To Hang With The Family

Pushing 30 and still sitting at the kid's table? Sounds about right. The kids are better conversationalists anyway.

6. Jamming To Your Tunes On The Drive Home

The windows are rolled down, your jam is on the radio, and it's Saturday. This is what freedom tastes like.

7. When Your Friend Calls To Invite You To Their Dinner Party

Ummm... is "dinner party" code for your apartment will be full of alcohol? Because, then, yes, sure, you will be there for that.

8. Prepping For The Party Like A Pro

Dancing is the most important part of preparing for any evening out. Everyone knows that.

9. How You Think You Look Entering The Party

You are so cool, you're practically Elsa. Other people can barely stand to look at you, such is your coolness.

10. How You Actually Look Entering The Party

You're not awkward, you just don't understand when your friend made so many other friends. Did you really give up staying in bed and marathoning Game of Thrones for this?

11. When You Get Trapped In A Boring Convo & None Of Your Friends Will Save You

No seriously, where is the alcohol?

12. When The Saturday Night Alcohol Finally Starts To Flow

God, you are such a good conversationalist. You might actually be the best conversationalist of all-time. You sincerely hope someone is documenting your timeless words for posterity's sake.

13. Ordering Food At Midnight

A Saturday is not a Saturday unless you end up drunkenly ordering takeout at midnight from that one place that is still open and has a 50/50 chance of giving you food poisoning.

14. Waking Up On Sunday Morning To A Voicemail Featuring Your Drunken Musings

Huh. So, it turns out you are not your generation's Mark Twain after all. And your friends are kind of evil.

15. Realizing It's Brunch Day

Quiche! Mimosas! All the pancakes!

16. Taking A Sunday Nap

Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts besides your head from all the mimosas, but you have aspirin for that.

17. The Moment Of Horror When You Realize The Weekend Is Winding Down

Just because Monday always comes back around doesn't mean you will ever get used to it.

18. Resigning Yourself To That Fact That In Eight Hours The Weekend Will Officially Be Over

Only four more days, and it will be Friday again.

At least Hiddleston is there for you seven days a week.

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