12 Signs You're A True Hardcore Reader

by Julia Seales

We all have friends who like reading, but they’re just not hardcore about it. They pick up a book every now and then, and if something is a super popular bestseller, they probably have a copy that they’re plodding through. They have a favorite series, and they’ll happily talk about books for a time, but eventually they’ll want to move on to a new topic of conversation. These are the “casual” readers.

Then there are the other people. The hardcore people who would talk about books 24/7 if they could. They're always carrying at least one book along in their tote. They can be friends with the casual readers (because thank goodness they didn’t say they hate reading, which is the worst sentence to hear), but they’re just on a different level when it comes to books. Dare I call these the “true” readers?

Of course, all readers enjoy books in their own way. And as long as you’re reading, it doesn’t really matter. But if you, a True Reader, have ever struck up a conversation with a Casual Reader, you probably realized pretty quickly that there are some big differences in how you and this person consume literature. It’s great that you both like books — but you can’t deny that there are things that the True Reader does that separates him or her from the Casual Reader.

You Can't Put A Book Down

Unlike Casual Readers, who will often put a book down for months until they have more "free time" to read, a True Reader can't put a good book down. You would rather shirk all of your responsibilities so you can find out how it ends, rather than set it aside to gather dust. A common symptom is reading in bed until you're so tired that you fall asleep and the hardcover falls and hits you in the face.

You Would Never "Just Wait For The Movie"

Whereas a Casual Reader might go see a movie in place of reading a book, you would never even dream of it. You have a hard and fast rule: Always read the book first. And you'll probably always insist that the book is better.

Reading A Boring Book Doesn't Put You To Sleep

I often have trouble sleeping, and I've been told in the past to just "read a boring book" because that will "put me right to sleep." Maybe for the Casual Reader, this works, but a True Reader will just end up staying awake all night to finish the book that isn't so boring after all.

Book Length Doesn't Scare You Off

Casual Readers may choose shorter books, and say TLDR to anything that looks too long, but a True Reader won't care if a book is 90 pages or 900 — in fact, if you're a True Reader, you probably adopt the Jane Austen saying: "if a book is well written, I always find it too short."

You Sometimes Read Outside Of Your Book Comfort Zone

Whereas Casual Readers often stick to the same genre, you True Readers out there like to try new things. Sure, certain genres might not be your favorite, but you enjoy reading a variety of books so you can get a rich literary experience.

You're A Book Hipster

You True Readers have to admit: Sometimes you're a bit of a book hipster. If you read a book ages ago, and suddenly Casual Readers start gushing about how much they love it, you can't help thinking, "I liked that first!" Because as happy as you are that something you love is getting proper recognition, you want the recognition of discovering its wonderfulness before everyone else caught on.

You're Not OK With Spoilers

Casual Readers might be OK with spoilers, but that won't fly for you. One of the reasons you read everything so quickly is because you don't want to know the ending beforehand; you want to experience it for yourself. You're not above covering your ears and yelling "LA LA LA LA" to avoid hearing a spoiler.

You Can't Go Anywhere Without A Book

For Casual Readers, the proper place to keep books is on a shelf or a nightstand. For True Readers, the proper place to keep books is in as many places as possible, so no matter where you are, there is always a book within reach.

When Asked Your Favorite Book, You Provide A List

A Casual Reader probably has one or two books that he or she will provide when asked what their favorite book is. You, on the other hand, could write an entire book filled just by listing your favorite books, complete with essays on why they're the absolute best.

Giving Out Book Recommendations Is One Of Your Favorite Pastimes

Speaking of your favorite books, True Readers love recommending them to others. If someone asks you for a recommendation, you'll ask them a million questions about what kind of books they like until you come up with the most perfect, personalized suggestion possible.

You Are Always Reading Something

For the True Reader, there's no such thing as being "too busy to read right now." You might find a Casual Reader only reading when it's summertime and they're lying on a beach or only over holidays, but not the True Reader. You'll read anytime, anywhere, and always.

You Think About Characters Long After You've Finished A Book

Casual Readers enjoy books, but the worlds stay between the pages for them. You, as a True Reader, know that books are so much more than that. You're emotionally connected to the characters, the plots, and the settings, and for you, all of it is real. Even after you've finished the last page.

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