This App Turns Your Tweets Into Cat Puns

For all of you with a weird affinity for puns (and I know there are plenty of you out there — don't lie), I have a delightful new toy for you: Kittify. Kittify turns your text into cat puns, and nothing has ever been a bigger time-suck. I love it, because how could anyone not love it?

The online tool, developed by San Francisco-based entrepreneur Daniel Landy, suggests using it for emails, tweets, comments and texts. Should you use this for office emails? Yes. I mean, no, obviously — but also yes. Should you put any mean online comments through this bad boy before posting them? Yes, definitely, 100 percent please and thank you.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so I've applied that adage to my favorite break up lyric queen: The one and only Adele. Sweet Adele, oh how you make me weep (and also boys who I break up with, you also make me weep but I'm not interested in talking about you right now). But sometimes it's not "socially acceptable" to "cry on the train for 30 minutes," so we're going to do a little experiment: how well do Adele lyrics translate into cat puns, and how quickly do I start giggling like a little goblin when I read them?

Let's begin.

1. "Hello" (2015)

I mean, Adele just broke the Internet with this powerhouse weep-fest of a song, but because I have the sense of humor of a 6 year old, "Meow furrom the outsiiiiide" was enough to dry my tears.

2. "Someone Like You" (2011)

Ugh, please don't "fur-get" me? I am laughing, so hard, and I hate myself for it.

3. "Rolling In The Deep" (2011)

"I CAN'T HELP FELINE!" Classic cat pun. Classic. Kittify, you slay me.

4. "Chasing Pavements" (2008)

Waited 'til the last word on this one, but what a last word it was. "Meowhere." HA.

5. "Make You Feel My Love" (2008)

Nothing?! We go all the way back to my first favorite Adele song and you leave me with nothing, Kittify?! You have made me hungry and black and blue.

Oh well; I guess you can't win 'em all. Head on over to Kittify to give it a shot yourself. Go on — you know you want to.

Images: Ralph Arvesen/Flickr; Giphy; Kittify (5)