What The Female Orgasm Really Sounds Like


I'm loud in bed, but I mean, I'm loud as a person, but even by loud-person standards I'm loud in bed. But what does the female orgasm sound like for others? Well, it depends on the person. My roommates have suffered through my loud orgasms ("YOUR ROOM IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING! HOW CAN I HEAR YOU?!") but I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Plus, I've certainly heard my roommates go at it as well, so sometimes we like to compare notes.

It's not the huffing, moaning, breathiness of a fake orgasm— an honest-to-god orgasm is a lot less pretty, but way more sexy. I think that's amazing, because most people look like they've been caught halfway through a sneeze when they're getting off. How is it sexy? I don't know, but it works. I would totally recommend checking out Beautiful Agony's (NSFW) videos for a look at how amazing and different real-life orgasms are, compared to what we see in porn.

So with all the fireworks and getting swept away in your orgasm, what are the noises that are coming out of your mouth? Here are what real women say the female orgasm sounds like:

1. Leigh, 25

"I don't personally make any noise at all."

2. Emma, 24

3. Rachel, 27

4. Becky, 33

5. Oonah, 40

6. Joelle, 25

7. Alexis, 25

8. Margot, 26

9. Meg, 21

10. Lea, 31

11. Claire, 23

"I sound like a hyena. I personally find it hilarious, but my partners seem to be into it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

12. Rachel, 32

13. Jessie, 29

"Loud, fast breathing and a few expletives."

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