What Happened To Donovan's Father On 'AHS: Hotel'? He May Not Remain A Mystery For Long

As many of you have probably figured out by now, most of the characters on American Horror Story: Hotel are insanely untrustworthy. That's mostly because each and every one of them have more than a few skeletons in their closets, perhaps even literally. Basically, this hotel is the architectural equivalent to Gretchen Weiners' hair in that its guests are full of secrets. Like The Countess' backstory, for instance, or the identity of Mr. March's wife. These are all things that we know very little about. But one story arc in particular that has recently caught my eye has to do with what happened to Donovan's father on AHS: Hotel ? He mentioned briefly in last week's episode, however, we have no idea what's become of him.

It all started right in the middle of Iris and Donovan's big fight, where Donovan pretty much told his mother how much he hates her and that she should just go kill herself already. (Advice which she tried to take before Donovan had second thoughts and saved her with the vampiric virus.) But throughout their discussion, Donovan asked Iris to name one of the sacrifices she's made for his benefit and her response was simple: walking away from Donovan's father.

Iris didn't go into too much detail regarding the exact circumstances, but apparently she had kicked her husband out and opted to become a single mother in a day and age when no one did that because she felt he wasn't "man enough to raise" Donovan. That still leaves a lot up for interpretation though. On the one hand, this confirms that he's still alive (unless he died at some point after leaving them), but on the other hand, that's pretty much the only detail we know for sure other than the fact that he wasn't manly enough to raise a son.

She also referred to him as "an asshole and a moron," so clearly this wasn't the happiest marriage in the world. But still, it's not as though Iris appeared to have fallen out of love with the guy, but rather she just felt it was in Donovan's best interest if his father was no longer apart of his life. Of course, Donovan remembers it all very differently and practically worships the ground his father walks on, claiming that he was the "best thing in his life." So with two very different perspectives, it's hard to say whose is the more accurate. But if Donovan's dad is still alive, then that means he could potentially become a future guest at the Hotel Cortez.

Ryan Murphy rarely does anything without a good reason, so odds are that this heard-of-but-not-seen character will eventually pop up to serve a greater purpose down the line. Maybe he'll end up teaming up with his family to bring The Countess down. Or perhaps he'll just be the latest victim of Room 64. Either way, I doubt we've seen the last of him. Though considering that both of his family members are now basically vampires, I'd say that checking in might be the last thing he'll ever do.

Images: Suzanne Tenner/FX (2); panic-alex/Tumblr