How To Get 'Sherlock' Movie Theater Tickets

If you are just as excited for the television premiere of Sherlock on January 1 as I am, then you are going to be even more excited to hear that there is a whole other component to the new season. A Sherlock theatrical release is scheduled is scheduled in the United States for a 90-minute episode of the beloved series. And, even though the theatrical episode from the new season, dubbed Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, sounds like something straight out of my Halloween nightmares, we’ll all have to wait until January 5 and January 6 to see it. But, in case the idea of waiting that long for more Sherlock in all of his buttoned-up glory makes you more sad than anything, you’ll be happy to hear that you can keep yourself busy scouring the web for advance tickets of the release very soon. But just where should you focus your ticket-getting strategy, and just how can you get Sherlock movie theater tickets?

It turns out that, while showings of the special Sherlock event are limited to Jan. 5 and Jan 6, there will be an extended opportunity to get your hands on tickets. And you’re going to want to get your hands on these tickets, because the special theater release will show not only a special 90-minute episode form the new season, but also 20 minutes of additional footage — including an exclusive making-of short starring Benedict Cumberbatch himself. In other words, there’s no way you’re going to want to miss this.

The theatrical component will screen in over 500 cinemas around the country, but just where these cinemas will be is not yet known. The 500 cities will be announced closer to the date, and tickets go on sale on Nov. 6. The theatrical release is being orchestrated by Fathom Events, which means you will be able to purchase tickets on their website starting Nov. 6. But you can sign up for email reminders for this and other theatrical events through the Fathom Events website.

Unfortunately, my anglophile friends, that is the soonest you can get your Cumberbatch-loving hands on these tickets. And, whether it’s to buy tickets or to find out which cities will be showing the theatrical episode, you’ll want to stay tuned to social media and the Fathom Events website for any new information.

Image: BBC; Giphy