Victorian 'Sherlock' Special Premiere Date Revealed & It's Not That Far Off, Now — VIDEO

Good news: Whether you live stateside or across the pond, you can ring in the New Year with Benedict Cumberbatch. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Victorian-era Sherlock special premieres January 1, 2016, on PBS and BBC One. This marks the first time Americans have not had to wait an inordinate amount of time to get their new Sherlock fix, too: Luckily, PBS is serving up Sherlock: The Abominable Bride on the same night it premieres in the United Kingdom, and allowing you to start your year off with a big dose of Cumberbatch goodness. Along with the premiere date came a collection of new, totally drool-worthy photos of Sherlock and John (Martin Freeman) in period costume, and a teaser of the special, now subtitled "The Abominable Bride."

While the description leaves out any mention of plot details (you'll have to do your own detective work to decipher the story), it confirms Lestrade, Mary, and Mrs. Hudson will stop by ye old 221 B. Baker Street. Sadly, there is no mention of Molly, but as she is the only character who does not exist in the original Sherlock canon, I suppose it was too much to hope she would appear in the 19th Century special. At least the rest of the gang will be there, and have I mentioned how amazing they look in their period clothes? After you get a look at the cast in full 19th-century garb, you may not want to go back to the world of modern Sherlock — OK, I might be exaggerating a little, but seriously, prepare to have your mind blown by how awesome this special looks.

Sherlock & John, 19th-Century Bros

No matter what time period they are in, these guys always look dapper — but seeing Sherlock with a pipe and John rocking a much cooler mustache than he had in Season 3 makes me unbelievably happy. While the new special promises to be a dramatic outing, these two boys have each other's back across time. I cannot wait to see what kind of bonding they get up to as Sherlock investigates what promises to be a personal case.

Sherlock & His Violin

Seeing Sherlock with his violin in Victorian London is an instantly iconic image. Not only does it hearken back to Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, it also directly connects the special to the modern Sherlock you know and love. There have been some beautiful scenes in the original series featuring Sherlock playing his violin. Knowing there will be a scene of classic Sherlock doing the same is enough to make any fan excited. No, it doesn't tell you anything about the mysterious bride, but it is all part of creating the atmosphere.

Cumberbatch Looking Flawless During Filming

The final new photo is a behind the scenes photo of Cumberbatch filming. Not only does he look amazing (as usual), he looks delighted to be suited up in traditional Sherlock garb. As much fun as this special is going to be to watch, it must have been just as much fun to film.

The Trailer, Now With A Title

Masterpiece PBS on YouTube

In case you missed it, PBS also re-released the full-length trailer, now with a subtitle and the premiere date. There's no new footage, but the title gives the special focus. Sherlock is dealing with a woman who appears to be recently widowed — and she's blaming Sherlock for her husband's death. Sherlock is notable for having a very small circle of friends, but he surely has plenty of acquaintances. His relationship with the victim could very well be a personal one which could lead to an even more determined Sherlock than usual.

John and Sherlock's dynamic is perfect in the trailer. John is determined to pull Sherlock back from the brink as Sherlock gets deeper and deeper into what I can only assume is a conspiracy with some cult action thrown in for good measure. Meanwhile, Sherlock is as headstrong and unyielding as ever. Seeing the boys work together in the Victorian setting is going to add a whole new layer to their relationship. Even though this story is set outside the show's canon, when Sherlock Season 4 begins, the fans will have seen a new facet to John and Sherlock's friendship.

The New Year cannot get here soon enough. Especially now that I know that the first must-see event is old-school Sherlock solving crime, 19th-century style.

Image: PBS; Giphy