I've Got a Feeling We're Not in Laguna Anymore

Kristin Cavallari has come a long way since her time on Laguna Beach and its spin-off The Hills. And by come a long way, I mean people who once thought she was a total beeyotch have come to realize that she's probably a decent person. If you're like me and watched these shows as a teenager, you know that this is a pretty big change of heart, and Cavallari's recent Instagram that shows her enjoying a mocktail with her husband Jay Cutler while pregnant really drives this point home.

Kristin was the worst. She ruined Stephen and L.C. ever really having a relationship, she was a spoiled brat, and she was totally two-faced. While we knew The Hills was fake, Laguna Beach was it's true-to-life little sister that was, like, so much better. The Kristin of The Hills might be exaggerating, but the Kristin of Laguna Beach meant every eye roll she ever... rolled.

This is why it's so hard to accept that she's grown up. All of us who used to watch the show have gotten older and smarter and less likely to gossip about our crush like five feet away from his girlfriend, so of course she has similarly changed, too. It was refreshing to hear her talk so openly about The Hills being staged. Heck, she's probably even a nice person.

So, I leave you with this picture of Kristin Cavallari with her football player husband, who is actually good and not some bench-warmer you've never heard of; with her second pregnancy in full swing; and with her mocktail in a classy copper cup celebrating her 27th birthday. Not pictured: She's also got a shoe line. This is what Kristin "Steeppphhennnnn" Cavallari has become. What can you say for yourself?

Images: Tumblr; Kristin Cavallari/Instagram