Steal Kim Kardashian's Pajama Party Style

While I definitely am not down to revisit my middle school days with weird bangs and questionable fashion choices, I am absolutely on board with bringing back my middle school pajama parties. And luckily, that's a trend that just might be making a comeback. Kim Kardashian wore pajamas at her baby shower, according to Perez Hilton, and lounging around in oversized clothing just became totally high fashion.

Kardashian had a Troop Beverly Hills themed baby shower (OK, she just scored serious points, because that's one of my favorite movies of all time) on Sunday, and to make all of the hot chocolate drinking, glamping, and Girl Scout cookie eating even better — Kim and her sisters all wore coordinating striped pajama sets. Call your squad, and tell them to bring their jammies.

Pajama parties are basically the greatest thing ever because you can have all the fun of a night out, without actually having to get dressed. Ditto on doing your hair and makeup. And while they might be making a comeback, that does not mean you can just lounge around in your raggedy old sweats or your yoga pants. It's time to up your pajama fashion game, ladies and gents.

Best party dress code ever.

Basically, my ideal way to spend a night.

Want to style up your sleepwear? Here are seven sets perfect for a pajama party-inspired by Kim Kardashian's baby shower.

1. Kim's PJ's

Kim's pastel PJ's are comfy and classic — but they're going to cost you. (Blue 3D Stripe Classic PJ; $140;

2. Flannel

It doesn't get much cozier than flannel. (Joe Boxer Flannel Set; $14.99;

3. Pink

Pink PJ's FTW! (The Mayfair Pajama; $54.50;

4. Polka Dots

Want something a little more exciting than stripes? Try polka dots. (Moonlight Pajamas; $58;

5. Satin

Treat yoself. (Morgan Taylor Satin Charmeuse Pajama Set; $29.99;

6. Vintage

These vintage PJ's are menswear inspired. (Vintage Pajama Set; $95;

7. Blue Stripe

If you have your heart set on Kim's PJ's but don't want to pay the $140 price tag, these are a cheaper option. (The Mayfair Pajama; $54.50;

Images: Beadhead PJ's; Sears; Victoria's Secret; Nordstrom; Macy's; J.Crew