Celebrate the 'GIRLS' Season 3 Premiere With an Ode to Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna, and Marnie's Style

Tomorrow! Tomorrow is the Girls Season 3 premiere, and, as expected, you've called in dead to anything and everything else circa 10 PM Sunday night, when new episodes of Girls start on HBO. That time's reserved for you and Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna, and Marnie.

Girls offers four very different perspectives of women in their early 20s, all living in NYC — and with that, four very different senses of style and fashion personalities. Whether you love Hannah's vintage-inspired dresses, Jessa's bohemian flair, Shoshanna's crazy hair accessories, or Marnie's classic style, each girl's wardrobe offers something to be appreciated. Check out a breakdown of each girls' style and maybe snag some Girls-inspired items along the way.

Hannah Horvath

If you’re a true Girls fan, you know that Hannah is just as easy to hate as she is to love. A little whiny and a lot needy, Hannah is often hard to like. But behind all of Hannah’s complaining is an honest, bold personality that is incredibly relatable for a lot of 20-something girls.

Despite her flaws, Hannah, a writer, is extremely creative and innately lovable — aspects of her personality that are reflected in her sense of style. Hannah tends to wear soft silhouettes and colors; florals and quintessentially cute prints usually make their way into her wardrobe. Hannah’s sense of style may seem a little quirky at first, but in a lot of ways it is just like her personality: a little bit disorganized, but ultimately very sweet.

Quirky, Printed Dress

Hannah is always wearing a fun print, and she loves a vintage-inspired silhouette.

Seaside Sketching Dress, $80, modcloth.com

Classic Cardigan

Hannah loves a cardigan thrown over a dress, skirt and shirt combination or… well, in just about any other outfit.

Collection Cashmere Cardigan, $150, jcrew.com

High-Waisted Shorts

A lover of everything high-waisted, Hannah would definitely wear these vintage-inspired shorts with a bold top for a summer outfit.

Siesta Key Button Detail Shorts, $33, shopruche.com

Denim Dress

Denim is a staple in Hannah’s wardrobe. From cut-offs to skirts to a denim dress, you can pair a denim dress with a variety of fun accessories to make your outfit a little more quirky.

Meadow Chambray Dress, $24.80, forever21.com

Jessa Johansson

Jessa is just plain cool. Foreign and the messy hair, no makeup, “oh, I just casually threw on this pair of sheer harem pants” type of fashionable that we all hope to be, Jessa makes us all want to be a little bit bolder. Plus, she doesn’t even have a Facebook. I mean, c’mon — we’re all going for that level of cool, right?

Jessa is a free spirit, and her style reflects this part of her personality in a very loud way. Always making interesting and sometimes questionable (remember when she wore a see-through dress to go babysit?) outfit choices, we all want a different piece out of Jessa’s closet. Complete with kimonos, feathers, jumpsuits, and hats, Jessa’s wardrobe is all her own, yet has something for everyone to love.

Floral Kimono

Let’s be honest, nothing says ‘Jessa’ quite like a floral kimono.

Topanga Floral Print Kimono, Blu Moon, $140, shopplanetblue.com

Wide Brim Fedora

Hats can be a tricky accessory to pull off, but Jessa definitely knows how to style a fedora correctly. A wide brim fedora is the perfect, bold Jessa-inspired accessory for any wardrobe.

Wide Brim Fedora, $175, prestonandolivia.com

Lace Dress

Channel both your inner bohemian goddess and Jessa’s style in a white, lace dress.

Nightingale Dress, $138, freepeople.com

Bold Necklace

Jessa’s wardrobe is full of great jewelry. This necklace boho-inspired, and incredibly chic.

Onyx Fringe Necklace, $39.95, anthropologie.com

Shoshanna Shapiro

Shoshanna is the type of weird that we all hope to be. Quirky Shoshanna is lovable even though she often says things that make us all go, “wait, what?” during every episode. Even when she accidentally smokes crack and runs half-naked through Bushwick, Shoshanna still manages to be adorable. Now that’s talent.

Even though we’re never really sure what was going on with Shoshanna’s hairstyles, her wardrobe reflects her endearing and undeniably cute personality. Full of pastels and feminine silhouettes, Shoshanna’s wardrobe is always ‘pretty,’ while still remaining just a little bit quirky.

Feminine Dress

Pastel pink, sequins, feminine to the extreme — that’s Shoshanna’s style in a nutshell.

Dazzling Sequined Dress, $24.80, forrever21.com

Tie-Front Blouse

As girly as Shoshanna’s style is, she still loves a classic piece in her wardrobe. A tie-front blouse is the perfect staple for any closet.

White Silk Tie-Front Blouse, $40, whitehouseblackmarket.com

Bow Headband

No Shoshanna-inspired outfit would be complete without a bold hair accessory.

Bow Elastic Headband, $10, americanapparrel.net

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Just quirky enough to be Shoshanna’s taste, cat-eye sunglasses add style and sass to any outfit.

Kitti Sunglasses, Quay, $38, shop.nordstrom.com

Marnie Michaels

Marnie is more than a little uptight and in a lot of ways, and her wardrobe sometimes reflects that part of her personality. However, while some may see what Marnie wears as cold or boring, it’s really just a perfect example of classic style.

Marnie stays away from big trends and sticks with classic silhouettes and prints. Whatever she is wearing is sure to still be acceptably stylish in 50 years. Marnie’s style is practical, classic, and pulled together, reflecting the image of herself that she is always trying to project.

Classic Dress

Marnie always looks chic in dresses, but she doesn’t need a bold pattern or material to make the outfit. It’s all about the silhouette.

Quezada Halter Dress, $150, anthropologie.com

Trench Coat

A trench coat is practical, classic and stylish.

Double Breasted Trench Coat, Calvin Klein, $150, stop.nordstrom.com

Work Dress

Marnie’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a classic, chic work dress — and neither would yours.

Lezley Arched-Peplum Dress, Alice + Olivia, $253, neimanmarcus.com

Versatile Handbag

Marnie and every other girl with classic style needs a classic, sturdy handbag, of course.

Tartine Satchel In Pebbled Leather, $325, jcrew.com