Shannon Speaks On David's Affair On 'RHOC' Reunion

One of the most relevant storylines on Real Housewives of Orange County this season was Shannon dealing with David's affair. From the first episode of the season, until the very end, Shannon dealt with her husband's affair and the effect it had on her marriage, her children, and herself. It wasn't an easy season for Shannon, but she's come so far from where she began. On the reunion, Andy asked about Shannon and David's status, and judging by her response, there seems to be no reason to worry about these two.

According to Shannon, she and David are in a place she didn't think that they could get to. She also says that publicizing the affair was their way of showing that a marriage can be saved, and not about punishing her husband publicly.

But when Andy asked Shannon why she thought David had the affair — a question that really seems unfair to ask —Shannon says that she believed it happened because she was "nagging and complaining." This answer caused the women — and possibly all over the world to explode. The entire cast said that Shannon was just making excuses for David, and I have to agree. Girl, this is not on you.

She put the blame on herself, which is sad to see. After all of the progress that she and David had made, it seemed like it was a two steps forward, one step back situation. While Shannon has seemingly moved on from the affair, she also seems to take responsibility for why David stepped out on their marriage. As Tamra says, she is the victim in the situation. Just because David and Shannon only went out to dinner "once or twice a year" doesn't give David a hall pass for cheating on his wife.

David wasn't there to defend himself, but I hope that Shannon truly doesn't think that her nagging and complaining — it's called being a human — is to blame for David stepping out. Shannon says that she knows that David's affair was awful, and it was absolutely humiliating that everyone knew about it before she did.

With all that said, Shannon and David's relationship is their own relationship. Their restoration process is all on them, and really no one else's business. I hope for the sake of their children that their relationship is going well. It seems Shannon has come leagues from where she was in the beginning of the season, and that's what is the most important thing. No matter how she got there, Shannon has shown amazing strength.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo