Luisa Is In Big Trouble On 'Jane The Virgin'

Being in danger is never a fun experience. But not knowing the full extent of the danger you're in is arguably even worse, which is exactly the kind of horrifying situation Rafael's sister, Luisa is currently in. For anyone who somehow missed one of last week's main plot developments, Luisa has been kidnapped on Jane the Virgin . And while this series has never shied away from abduction in the past (looking at you, Mateo!), this particular twist feels extra strange considering we have no idea why she was taken in the first place. At first, I assumed Rose (aka Sin Rostro) was behind this since these two characters share quite the complex past. But now that she's proven not to be the culprit, one can't help but wonder — if Rose didn't kidnap Luisa, then who did?

Clearly these two guys who did the actual kidnapping are working for someone. They don't even know how to tie a proper knot, so it's safe to assume they aren't the brains behind this big operation. And while in itself is not much to go on, we also know a few other helpful details, one of which being the fact that they speak German, which could indicate the origin of this new Big Bad. We also know that this person is an enemy of Rose's, considering they abducted Luisa as some kind of leverage. Could this potentially be this Heidi VonOcher that Michael just recently got a lead on, or is that simply another pseudo name that Sin Rostro has used in the past?

Right now it's impossible to say for sure either way, but regardless of whether or not this Heidi person is involved, I'm willing to bet that Luisa is in a lot more danger than she initially thought. These men have already started to torture her in order to get whatever they're after from Rose. So who knows how far this thing will go. But if it's someone who's willing to stand up to even a powerful drug lord like Sin Rostro, then I think there's a much greater danger heading toward our beloved Jane the Virgin characters. Prepare yourselves…

Image: Warner Bros.