The Pros & Cons Of Luisa & Rose's Love On 'JTV'

Plenty of shocking things happen on Jane the Virgin, but perhaps the craziest storyline of all was Luisa and Rose's relationship. The couple had so much passion (possibly more than The Passions of Santos — just don't tell Rogelio), but their entire relationship was tainted by one major hiccup: Rose was married to Luisa's dad. Oh and other pesky little hiccup: the fact that Rose is actually Sin Rostro. Combine both of those roadblocks and you've got a recipe for telenovela-levels of drama. Although Luisa said her ashram in Peru helped her get over Rose toward the end of Season 1, I don't buy it and could easily see these women reuniting in Season 2.

While Rose is apparently the big baddie of Jane the Virgin (I'm sure there will be a twist on this), it's not like Luisa is perfect. She is a recovering alcoholic who can no longer practice medicine after that little incident where she accidentally artificially inseminated Jane with Rafael's sperm. But hey! If Luisa hadn't made that epic mistake, we wouldn't have the excellent CW show on our hands now, so fans of Jane the Virgin can't really stay mad at her for too long.

Both Luisa and Rose were MIA for a significant portion of Jane the Virgin's second half of Season 1, but Rafael's sister came back to help with the Marbella towards the end and Sin Rostro turned up in the final moments of the season finale, so it's safe to say they'll be around in Season 2. Here are the pros and cons of this pair reuniting.

Con: Rose Is The Leader Of A Crime Ring

Possibly the biggest con of all in their relationship is Rose being the leader of the largest drug ring around — and the fact that the police know it. No matter how much they may care for each other, nothing can shake the fact that Rose will never not be Sin Rostro, even if she tries to curb her criminal lifestyle. The pair would either have to runaway together, date in jail, or something completely outrageous would have to happen where Rose is actually not terribly guilty of all her crimes for the women to get a bizarre happily ever after.

Pro: They've Got Serious Chemistry

With Jane being a virgin and all, the hottest sex on the show came from Luisa and Rose. Both of them could barely contain themselves while in each other's presence. Luisa sure wasn't shy about telling people about their sex life either, as Michael discovered.

Con: Rose Killed Luisa's Dad

Yes, the couple had hot sexual tension, but it was also ridiculously awkward since Rose was married to Luisa's father — technically making her Luisa's stepmother. (Say it with me now: Eeeeeee.) But, to top it off, Rose killed Emilio Solano via concrete, near the area where Luisa and Rose first had sex. (At the time of their first rendezvous, neither of them knew about each other's connections to Emilio.) As dysfunctional as Luisa can be, she should definitely draw the line at getting back with someone who murdered her father. Unless, of course, Rose comes up with a really good excuse on why she did it...

Pro: They Seem To Really Care For & Love Each Other

Viewers of Jane the Virgin don't really know that much about Rose/Sin Rostro. The not-so-faceless Sin Rostro is intentionally cloaked in mystery and I still have a hard time believing she's completely bad to the core. That's mostly because of the genuine love she seems to show toward Luisa. Marrying Emilio was just a way for Rose to get access to the Marbella for her underground plastic surgery syndicate, so while she never truly loved Luisa's father, I do think she truly loved/loves Luisa. Rose even called Luisa when she had to flee the U.S. after killing Emilio. Now, that's love.

Con: Luisa Is Dating Someone Else Now

When Luisa returned to the Marbella at the end of Season 1, she showed up with her new girlfriend — wrestler Juicy Jordan. Yet again, Luisa is in a super steamy relationship, but there's something I don't trust about Juicy. She already seemed to use Luisa to get a wrestling event hosted at the Marbella to promote herself. If they do really love each other, then Luisa should stay with Juicy. But if Juicy doesn't truly care about Luisa, then she's got to go. But maybe give us a Sin Rostro/Juicy Jordon wrestling showdown first, please?

Pro: But Seriously, Their Chemistry

Did I mention the sexual chemistry between Rose and Luisa yet?

Con: Sin Rostro Most Likely Kidnapped Luisa's Nephew

In the Season 1 finale, the narrator revealed that Sin Rostro (also Sin Rosetro) was responsible for kidnapping Jane and Rafael's newborn son Mateo from the hospital. Luisa has been a really good sister in supporting Rafael to win back Jane, so I don't think she has anything to do with this kidnapping plot. Maybe Rose is using it as a way to get Luisa's attention. Rose may be in charge of a large drug ring, but something tells me she wouldn't hurt an innocent baby (especially one related to Luisa).

No matter what insanity Jane the Virgin Season 2 has planned for us viewers, Rose and Luisa will be in close proximity to each other, so expect to see some fireworks go off between these former lovers.

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