10 People Share The Worst Things Their Exes Did

by Danielle Page

Breakups are tough. There are lots of emotions involved, tension is high and well, sometimes that can translate into having a terrible ex. After you call it quits, there's still more work to be done. You've got to take down that Facebook relationship status, and do so before your ex does so that you're not left hanging there 'in a relationship' by yourself. You've got to explain what happened to your friends and family members. There's likely a wedding invitation coming up that you need to amend your RSVP to.

Not to mention, the process of getting your stuff back and giving back theirs. And then subsequently dealing with the tidal wave of emotions you feel when you discover that you were given back that stuffed Snoopy you got your ex for Valentine's Day that came with chocolates. Cue the inner struggle of having to throw out something that adorable.

When you're dealing with breakup stress, it's understandable that you might go a little bit crazy. Or as these 10 daters experienced, bizarre behavior. Read on for a few stories about the wildest things exes ever did after being scorned. At least you didn't act like this, am I right?

1. Catherine, 27

"I only dated my ex for a few months and it ended in the spring. But recently, he started Venmoing me. A dollar for 'being me.' Two dollars and fifty cents for 'letting me sleep on your couch tonight' (which I didn't let him do). I told him to stop and Venmoed him the money back. Then he sent me a dollar seventy five for 'putting up with his Venmo nonsense.' I kept that payment."

2. Chris, 26

"My ex, who I haven't spoken to since we broke up five months ago (and who I've had a really hard time getting over) contacted me for the first time yesterday to see if I would be interested in starting a sexual relationship with some of his friends, because he thought I might like them."

3. Andrew, 29

"My ex and I had a dog, When we split, I let her keep the dog. She went to Florida two weeks after the breakup and said I could watch the dog while she was away rather than boarding him. Before she left, she told me not to 'bring him around any of my whores.' I brought the dog to the dog park and had a girl friend with me. We ran into a friend of my ex's, and she called my ex to tell her she saw me with another girl. Three days into my ex's seven-day vacation, my ex flies home, and shows up to my door at 2 a.m., blowing a gasket because I had let the dog near another girl."

4. Ricki, 24

"My ex, who I dated for three years, cheated on me and began a very serious relationship with another girl. He then called me a few months into their relationship to tell me about their pregnancy scare. All the details about how freaked out he was and what his plan was."

5. Terence, 27

"I once had the 'cops' show up at my house and threaten to arrest me and kick my ass if I talked to my ex again. I later found out it was my ex's next door neighbor who was still in the academy that paid me the visit."

6. Kyle, 29

"My ex tried to run me over with her car. She showed up to where I teach, and tried to run me down as I was crossing at the crosswalk. Mind you, this was with kids and the crossing guard all in front of her. Oh, and then she texted me later in the day to tell me how nice my ass looked when I ran away from her."

7. Hannah, 22

"He had sex with my twin, and timed it so that I'd walk in on them. When I did, he looked me in they eye and told me, 'Your sister is better.' I mean, this was sh*tty on my sister's part too and we didn't speak for a while after that. But seriously? My TWIN?"

8. Carl, 26

"She kidnapped my cat and told me I wouldn't get him back until she got 'closure.' When I went to her place to get my cat back, and she had on lingerie and had lit candles everywhere. We had sex. I took my cat home. I changed my locks."

9. Melissa, 27

"My ex begged me to keep our Facebook status as 'in a relationship' after we broke up. He hadn't told his family yet and wasn't ready to, so at first I said OK. But then months went by and he kept telling our mutual friends that we were still together, just 'on a break.'"

10. Sam, 31

"I had an aquarium full of all the real-life versions of the fish from Finding Nemo. She had a key to my apartment. We broke up. I received several Snapchat videos of all my fish being flushed down the toilet."

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