People Reveal The Worst Things Their Exes Did After The Breakup

Breakups are tough. There are lots of emotions involved, tension is high and well, sometimes that can translate into having a terrible ex. After you call it quits, there's still more work to be done. You've got to take down that Facebook relationship status, and do so before your ex does so that you're not left hanging there 'in a relationship' by yourself. You've got to explain what happened to your friends and family members. There's likely a wedding invitation coming up that you need to amend your RSVP to.

Not to mention, the process of getting your stuff back and giving back theirs. And then subsequently dealing with the tidal wave of emotions you feel when you discover that you were given back that stuffed Snoopy you got your ex for Valentine's Day that came with chocolates. Cue the inner struggle of having to throw out something that adorable.

When you're dealing with breakup stress, it's understandable that you might go a little bit crazy. Or as these 10 daters experienced, bizarre behavior. Read on for a few stories about the wildest things exes ever did after being scorned. At least you didn't act like this, am I right?

1. Catherine, 27

2. Chris, 26

3. Andrew, 29

4. Ricki, 24

5. Terence, 27

6. Kyle, 29

7. Hannah, 22

8. Carl, 26

9. Melissa, 27

10. Sam, 31

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