12 Easy Celebrity Couple Halloween Costume Ideas To Make At The Last Minute

Halloween is essentially here, but if you and your companion are professional procrastinators and have failed to conjure up a disguise you can both be proud of, no need to fear. Taking cue from dazzling duos of the past, you can step out in fashion with these 12 easy celebrity couple Halloween costume ideas to do at the last minute. Hailing from a range of decades and showcasing a variety of sartorial sensibilities, one of these pairs is sure to suit you and your partner's eleventh hour needs.

Costumes don't need to be time-demanding projects or over the top investments to be effective. What really matters is pulling together the right pieces that capture the character. When you're left with little to no time — as is the current predicament — you're forced to rely on what's already in your closet and around your home. If your famous twosome requires something a tad more specific or a little more chic, Rent The Runway offers next-day delivery stateside and same day delivery in NYC. Everything from this lineup of iconic celebrity couples is achievable with a few simple pieces — most you already have, or are super easy to come by — with the option to spruce things up with a statement dress you can order with a click if your wardrobe is lacking the perfect piece. For him, it's usually casual quotidian attire or a suit (and one instance of a Canadian tuxedo). So if you and your plus-one have someplace to be this Halloween but are still costume-less, here's a little inspiration. Grab your mate and deliberate over these possibilities that won't add any stress, but won't fail to impress.

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1. John Lennon & Yoko Ono

-/AFP/Getty Images

Strike up "The Ballad of John and Ono" and get creative as this iconic pair. Or forgo the night's activities altogether and stay home to stage a Bed-In.

For John:

For Yoko:

2. Sonny & Cher

You and your sweetheart can be America's beloved pop duo for the night, with far out duds that are totally '70s fashion plate worthy. Every time you buy one another a drink while you're out, you can declare, "I Got You Babe."

For Sonny:

For Cher:

3. The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge


Get picture perfect as this royal couple, whose costume requires little more than your main squeeze donning a suit and you putting on your best meeting-the-in-laws appropriate dress and practiced poise of princess proportions.

For William:

  • Suit
  • Royal heir air

For Kate:

4. Jackie & John F. Kennedy

-/AFP/Getty Images

Or keep it patriotic and dress as the closest thing America's had to royalty. Again, all he needs for the costume is a suit. Everyone will figure out who he is by association.

For Jackie:

For JFK:

  • Suit

5. Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake


For couples who prefer to get a bit more matchy, go unabashedly jeanstastic for Halloween with this very scary getup. If there's one thing we don't miss from the '90s, it might be patchwork denim.

For Britney:

For Justin:

6. Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz

Everybody still loves Lucy, and what's more to love is that she and her husband make for another quick costume that works by association. Your partner in crime will be Ricky Ricardo in a flash with a basic suit and some hair gel.

For Lucy:

For Desi:

  • Suit
  • Hair gel

7. David & Victoria Beckham


If you can't pull off an epic group costume with your squad this year, you can still be your favorite Spice Girl with your man. All he needs is a Beckham jersey (the homemade version works just as well), and for you, a Posh ensemble of your choice, complete with slick hair and sky high stilettos.

For David:

For Victoria:

8. Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love

Get out your favorite flannel and dark lipstick for a grungy Halloween as the sartorial archetypes of the Seattle sound.

For Kurt:

For Courtney:

9. Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Bypass The Crucible of complicated couple costumes with this timeless go-to. And while it's since been found that not all Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, it's impossible to argue with the sex appeal of this Hollywood bombshell, as the Great American Playwright would agree.

For Arthur:

  • Suit
  • Glasses
  • Smoking Pipe
  • "Working draft" of Death of a Salesman

For Marilyn:

10. Johnny Cash & June Carter

Walk the line with your man friend, but avoid lines at the costume store.

For Johnny:

  • Black on black suit
  • Hair gel
  • Guitar

For June:

11. Jennifer Lopez & Puff Daddy


Go way back to yesteryear when P. Diddy went by another name.

For Jennifer:

For Sean:

12. Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

Capture Jane's certain je ne sais quoi and sing raunchy duets with your newly Frenchified homme (unbutton several extra buttons of his shirt and add a cigarette). Add a comically fake Birkin bag to really drive the message home.

For Serge:

  • Unbuttoned button down
  • Cigarette

For Jane:

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