Last Minute 'Back To The Future' Halloween Costumes That You Can Throw Together Tonight

Following Back to the Future Day on October 21, the countdown to Halloween has well and truly begun. I'm sure you meant to order your Back to the Future Halloween costume already, and have even been planning out what to dress up as on the group chat since summer. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who purchased their outfit for the big day months ago, but, if you didn't, don't worry. We've all been there. Somehow, it just never happened, and now you're in a mess. Don't sweat it, I've got you covered with these last minute Back to the Future Halloween costumes.

Hopefully, like me, you've got an awesome junk cupboard in your house where you just throw things you figure will come in handy one day (like Monica Geller-Bing's closet, right?). It's time to get hella resourceful around the house, pull some simple objects and/or garbage together, and make an outfit Marty McFly would be proud of. What you'll have as an advantage over all the store-bought outfits is that yours will prove that you are resourceful, can meet a deadline head on, and have total creativity to boot. Why spend money when you have everything you need in the very place you're living in, on the street outside, and in your roommate's room? Let's DIY it up!

1. Marty McFly

You should be able to throw this outfit together pretty quick. Marty McFly's most iconic outfit is comprised of simple clothes you might already own. Do you have a pair of jeans? Stupid question, right? Hopefully, they're high-waisted (see above). And there must be a flannel shirt in your wardrobe. If not, shame on you! But don't panic; any shirt will do, just make sure you wear a t-shirt underneath — preferably red. Next, you're going to need a denim jacket or red puffer vest, or just cut the sleeves off a red jacket if you have one. If you want to go all out, give yourself Marty's signature eighties bouncy hair, by pinning your own in place.

2. Jennifer Parker

Jennifer has a lot of iconic looks in Back to the Future , but this is by far the easiest to achieve. I'm hoping you own a large selection of pyjamas and leggings. Find your most pink and floral pair. Next, you need a baggy white shirt, which someone in your house is bound to own. If you don't have a pair of leg warmers, then a large pair of white socks will suffice. A cute handbag, a pair of trainers, and a vest or waistcoat will put this outfit on trend!

3. Doc Brown

Making your own costume for Doc hinges on a few key items. First off, you're going to need a white coat, or one of those coveralls you would use when decorating. If you have neither of these, it might be time to rethink going as Doc (sorry!), unless you have sewing skills and can take a white bed sheet and turn it into a scientist. If so, by all means, do that! You'll also need some yellow rubber gloves — there must be some under the sink. As for Doc's crazy hairstyle, the closest thing you'll probably have at home is a mop. Detach it from its handle and find a way to attach it to your head. If you have a remote controlled car, you're going to want to take that with you. Job done.

4. Lorraine Baines McFly

If your wardrobe's anything like mine, it's filled with pretty dresses you bought thinking you'd need them someday. Need being the operative word. Now is the time to raid that wardrobe like there's no tomorrow. Your best bet is finding a strapless dress akin to the one Lorraine Baines McFly wears to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Don't worry if the color isn't quite right; who's going to remember she wore peach? If you want to mimick the top of her dress, just stick two rectangles of colored index cards on using double-sided tape. It'll look super chic!

Next, you're going to need to make a corsage for your wrist — I recommend a hair tie, some Sellotape, and a weed from the garden. Finally, bouffant that hair as much as possible. If you don't have any hot irons, then instead wash your hair, tie it into a bun, and blow dry it that way. It should create curls, yo! Or you'll look awful. Either/or.

5. George McFly

George McFly's looks are never complicated, and can definitely be achieved quite simply by raiding cupboards in your house. You'll need a white shirt, and, if it doesn't have short sleeves, cut them. If you don't own a tie, you can make one from any old fabric (even those shirt sleeves you just cut off!). Don't wear glasses? Don't worry. Find your cheapest pair of sunglasses and pop the lenses out. Slick your hair to the side, using as much gel as possible. Grab a science fiction book off the shelf, and you're good to go. Oh, and probably put some trousers on, yeah?

Good luck to all my DIY friends out there.

Images: Universal Pictures; Amazon (22)