17 Of The Most Fabulously Best Dressed Witches

With Halloween swiftly approaching, the "Season Of The Witch" is upon us all, and witches everywhere are busy practicing their craft, casting spells, and perfecting their own witchy wardrobes. Many of us are inspired by some of the most fabulously best dressed witches from our culture who prove that the dark, powerful, and mysterious make for sartorial gold, so what better time to celebrate them than All Hallow's Eve?

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of commanding the elements, lighting candles with my breath, casting spells with the flick of my hand, and dressing in dark clothing that draped, flowed, and blew dramatically in the wind. Witches were perceived as "different" from the norm, and I grew up somewhat of a loner and an outcast. I loved how witches seemed to make being an outsider look so powerful, interesting, and even (at times) glamorous.

Witches have always fascinated me, but the best part about being a witch (aside from the magic, of course) seemed to be that it didn't matter whether you were a good witch or a bad witch: You'd still be viewed as fabulous if you dressed the part. While the magic and mystery of witchcraft begin to tingle the senses of witches and witch lovers everywhere this time of year, let's have a look at 17 of the most fabulous, best dressed witches of all time.

1. Glinda The Good Witch Of The North

For many of us, our first exposure to witches was through the famous film The Wizard Of Oz, which prompted us to ask ourselves a very important question: Were we good witches, or bad ones? Personally, I could never answer this query, as I was always too distracted by the magnificence that was Glinda's glittering pink dress (and crown!) to think about it.

2. Queen Ravenna

As far as evil witch queens go, Ravenna from Snow White And The Huntsman takes the crown. Just take a look at that gown and crown combo: She makes evil look good.

3. Madison Montgomery

Madison Montgomery may be one of the possible "supreme" witches from American Horror Story: Coven, but one thing's for sure: Madison brings a fabulous sense of contemporary glam and style to the world of witchcraft.

4. Sarah Sanderson

Dressed in a tight corset, flowing skirt, and cloak in jeweled tones of reds, pinks, and purples, Sarah Sanderson from the beloved Hocus Pocus wins best dressed out of all the Sanderson sisters, in my opinion. Not only does she bring a feminine, flirty flare to her look with her clothing, but along with her long, curly, wild, platinum blonde hair, Sarah's voice isn't the only enchanting thing about her.

5. Maleficent

The robe. That staff. The horns. That chiseled, beautifully chilling face. Whether from Sleeping Beauty or from the Maleficent film itself, no one can command attention quite like Maleficent.

6. Angelique Bouchard

As her name suggests, Angelique Bouchard is the epitome of elegance, class, and style. This Dark Shadows witch is as deadly as she is stunningly beautiful.

7. Aunt Frances And Aunt Jet

Also known to Practical Magic lovers as "the Aunts," Aunt Frances and Aunt Jet are basically who I want to be when I grow up. With their long, wild witch hair and giant, spectacular hats, these women know how to dress fabulously, whether they are gardening, casting spells, or dancing around at midnight with margaritas.

8. The White Witch

This is what I call "Snow And Ice" couture. To contrast her black soul, the White Witch from The Chronicles Of Narnia wears a stupendous ombre blue-to-white gown and white fur, topped with a deadly crown of ice.

9. Melisandre

The Red Priestess from Game Of Thrones is known widely as "The Red Woman" for good reason, as she is always stunningly attired in absolutely everything red: Red hair, red choker, red gown, red cloak. Her scarlet look is perfect for someone who worships the "Lord Of Light" and whose magic is worked through fire.

10. Fleur Delacour

Harry Potter fans may have Hermione Granger down as their favorite witch, but when it comes to looking fabulous, Fleur Delacour pulls in the best grades. Whether strutting down the halls at Hogwarts in her perfectly fitted blue satin uniform (with that perfect witch chic hat), or dancing around a tent in a glorious ballgown at her wedding to a Weasley, Fleur knows how to work her style magic.

11. Lamia

Lamia is the witch from Stardust obsessed with obtaining eternal youth and beauty (which seems to be quite the common obsession for witches). With her long, wild blonde hair, chic black gloves, and rich, beautiful flowing gowns, Lamia's obsession with beauty definitely transcends into how she dresses and presents herself: Fabulously.

12. Katrina Van Tassel

Who can forget that perfectly gothic black and white striped gown worn by Katrina Van Tassel in Sleepy Hollow? Not only is Katrina a "beautiful, gorgeously dressed rich girl," ACCORDING TO TK but she is also a witch. Katrina Van Tassel always wears the most dramatic, beautiful gowns imaginable from the 1700s, making her one of the best dressed witches of the 18th century.

13. The Witch

The Witch from Into The Woods magically transforms into "Queen Of The Woods" as she goes from frump to absolutely fabulous (as only Meryl Streep can).

14. Queen Narissa

Out of the way, peasants! Queen Narissa from Enchanted is turning the street into her catwalk. Let us all admire this powerful witch and her incredible evil butterfly-inspired look that commands the attention of anyone who happens to gaze upon her (in her real life and cartoon form alike).

15. Morgana Pendragon

Also known as Morgan Le Fay, the witch from Merlin (born with magical fairy blood in her veins) is the epitome of royal, magical, medieval fashion. A queen in her own right and Arthur's half sister, Morgana expresses her position and power in the rich and glamorous (and sometimes witchy and mysterious) way she dresses.

16. Regina

Fashion, drama, and style rank right up there beside power for Regina, the witch and infamous "evil queen" from Once Upon A Time.

17. The Grand High Witch

Elegance and chicness know no bounds when it comes to Angelica Huston, and the same can be said for her character in The Witches. When considering "best dressed" witches, no one does it better than the Grand High Witch, really. Especially when one considers what she looks like "before" she puts on her face...

Who better to draw your fall fashion inspo from than the queens of spooky glam themselves?

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