Disney Princesses Wear Sexy Halloween Costumes

by Kaitlyn Wylde

The fact that Disney princesses are just as cool and relevant right now as they were when I was a kid is pretty neat, and weird. Not dissimilar to the Cosmopolitan's new article portraying a selection of Disney princesses in sexy Yandy Halloween costumes. A creative combination, considering when I think about Yandy, Disney is probably the last thing on my mind.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time maintaining my Disney doll's 'do. I used the brush she came with until the little bristles broke off in her plastic netted hair. I gradually then started using some of my own products on my dolls. My comb, my hair ties, my glitter eyeshadow, my tinted chapstick. I just wanted to her be more relatable. I wanted her to be a reflection of me.

Now, as an adult, going through a last-minute-it's-almost-Halloween-what-should-I-be panic, I'm faced with an adult version of my childhood Disney aspirations. Thanks to a creative illustrator Isaiah Stephens over at Cosmopolitan, we can bridge the age gape with our un-aging Disney friends as they come back to life in contemporary Halloween fashion. Contemporary meaning, of course, sexy and a little nonsensical. Because all Halloween costumes tend to be sexy versions of un-sexy things, this concept is both timely and hilarious.

So without further adieu, a taste of your favorite princesses in your favorite Halloween costumes. A double whammy for your Halloween week viewing pleasure.

Ariel as a sexy jellyfish, and Prince Eric as a sexy sea captain

It's so typical Ariel to pick a costume from under the sea. It's her hometown and even though she's got these great gams now, she still has a soft spot for wiggly sea legs. And Eric, just yes. Aye, aye.

Cinderella as Pizza Rat

Cindy is totally the most low-key of all the princesses. She's used to a life down in the dirt, grinding away, working non-stop. In fact, it's very New York of her. Her choice of Pizza Rat is both fitting and nostalgic — a total shout out to Gus Gus.

Beauty and the Beast as sexy nerds

All that tension in candle lit, book-lined rooms is bound to eventually break. Here we have Belle and Beast showing a little skin and fur, getting down with their bookish selves. A little roleplay never hurt any one.

To see the rest of the Disney princesses, head to Cosmo's article here.

Images: Isaiah K. Stephens / Cosmopolitan