9 Ways To Dress Like A Disney Princess

by Teresa Newsome

Halloween is one of the glorious days of each year when you can let your inner princess out in her full glory. Disney Princess Halloween costumes let you go full-on glam with big puffy dresses, big hair, and the whole bit. It's like a glam Christmas or glam birthday all wrapped into one. And oh, the glitter possibilities!

But what's even better is that if you love princesses, but don't want to (or have the means to) get all decked out in head-to-toe royalty, you can go simple and still make a recognizable statement as your favorite character.

DIY queens have plenty of options to craft dresses, shoes, accessories, and more, while those who'd rather not can buy a whole costume online in one shot. And those of you who are most excited about the Disney princess makeup looks can contour and eyeline your hearts out with everything from your Sephora splurges to your drugstore magic essentials. And don't get me started on the hair possibilities.

Just remember, when it comes to princesses of differing ethnicities, there's a fine line between joyful appreciation and offensive appropriation. (When in doubt, refer here, here, or here).

Now go forth and prepare to open up a box of Princess butt-kicking magic.

1. Cinderella

This tutorial teaches you a couple of ways to own the classic hair that Cinderella wore to the prince's bachelor ball.

And what's ball-worthy hair without makeup to match?

Women's Cinderella Movie: Cinderella Prestige Adult Costume, $100, Target

And if you're interested in the whole ball gown look, there are a few options that you still have time to order.

Plus Size Cinderella Costume, $40, Halloween Costumes

This plus size costume kit comes with a dress and accessories, like the gloves and headband.

Adult Clear Shoes, $30, Halloween Costumes

Can't be Cinderella without her signature glass slippers.

2. Snow White

Snow White's signature jet-black hair is pretty essential to the overall look.

Her makeup is pretty specific, due to her pale skin, dark eyes and red lips. It's an easy look to achieve though.

Snow White Deluxe Women's Adult Halloween Costume, $20, Walmart

The dress comes in long or short, so you have some flexibility in the amount of sexy you're trying to rock.

Adult Princess Snow White Costume Plus Size, $50, Party City

Here's the short version.

3. Anna

Anna is the quirky, real princess we were all craving. This tutorial takes you through everything from hair and makeup to costuming. It's a pretty simple look to pull off, but it's totes adorbs.

Adult Womens Queen Anna Costume, $25, Ali Express

Anna has two signature looks, a casual dress and a gown. Here are places to pick up both.

Adult Anna Costume - Frozen, $60, Party City

Here's her everyday dress.

4. Mulan

Mulan kicks princess butt. She's a warrior and a princess. It doesn't get much better than that. Here's a makeup tutorial to give you her princess look.

Newest Hua Mulan Dress Blue, $58, eBay

Here is her day-to-day dress.

Mulan from Mulan Cosplay Dress, $105, CSddink

And her fancy gear.

Kingdom Hearts Mulan Cosplay Costume, $99, Cosplay Easy

And her warrior suit. Which is so awesome, it hurts.

5. Maleficent

Maleficent isn't exactly your everyday Disney princess, but she's fierce and her sculpted look makes for a great costume.

If you're feeling crafty, here's all the info you need to make your own dress and headpiece.

Women's Maleficent Adult Costume, $90, Target

If you're not so crafty, try this instead.

6. Belle

Princesses and books. They make a beautiful combination. So do these makeup and hair looks.

Here is how to lock down the makeup.

If modern/hipster Belle is more your speed, this tutorial takes you through an easy DIY for an incredibly rad interpretation of Belle's ballgown look.

7. Aurora

Aurora is my kind of Disney princess. I can't tell you how many times I've wished someone would put a curse on my that caused me to sleep for months. Her look has that classic, vintage vibe and she's one of the princesses that isn't so overdone that the idea seems fresh. Her hair has cool vintage rolls and curls.

Her makeup has a stunning eye look that's an eyeliner lover's dream.

Disney Princess Womens Aurora Deluxe Halloween Costume - Plus Size, $50, Toys 'R' Us

This princess outfit includes a tiara... #princessgoals.

Aurora Coronation Gown Adult Deluxe, $36, Costume Super Center

And those shoulders.

You officially have all the ammo you need to rock all these princess looks. Don't hold back! Halloween is not the time to stifle your inner princess.

Images: Courtesy Brands