6 Ways Kristen Wiig's 'Crying In A Sweater' Trailer Teaches Us How To Embrace A Crying Session

On Monday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kristen Wiig premiered the trailer for Crying In a Sweater, her new spectacularly (fake) indie film. Disappointingly, the trailer is just for fun and isn't for a real movie (but seriously, I'm not going to lie, I'd pretty much watch Wiig doing just about anything, including simply crying in a sweater for 90 minutes, because I totally lack standards), but there's still plenty to enjoy in the clip. This includes, but is not limited to: Wiig shouting at a dude called Glen for daring to ask her if she's OK (what is he wearing?!), Wiig embracing her emotions in a plethora of very fine sweaters, and Wiig in a variety of awkward household safe spaces (the kitchen table? The hallway? A full bathtub? Why not!).

Whilst I can appreciate that everyone has their own way of dealing with their emotions (for some, that means hardly ever crying about anything) for a lot of us, opening the emotional floodgates and just howling it out is grade A catharsis. Personally, I love a good cry — in fact, I just about celebrate it. And you should too! Crying is awesome . On that note, there's actually a lot to learn from the joke trailer for the joke indie movie Crying In A Sweater.

So, grab your favurite sweater (it's basically a comfort blanket with arm holes, people!), embrace your emotions, and let Master of ceremonies Wiig guide you through it.

Go With The Flow

Whilst many of us can often find ourselves wanting to burst into tears in the most dreadful of public places including work, the bus, nightclubs, or Topshop's fitting rooms (and just for the record: I have done so in all of the above), sometimes it's best to not hold it in and just go with it. Sure, it can be embarrassing — and if people are staring at you, doubly so — but, as Wiig demonstrates here, sometimes it's best to just use your environment to the best of it's advantage, make yourself comfortable, and sob it out. So climb on that table kitchen and let it go. The rewards are miraculous, trust me.

Witness The Rebirth Of Yourself

I honestly believe that there are few things as revitalizing as a good cry. It's basically a spa session for your mind. Whatever grievances you've got going on in your life — be it a break up, pressure at work, an argument with your BFF, or just the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy — a good, solid cry can do wonders for your general well being. Unleash those bad feelings and bounce back!

Get Comfortable

Here, Wiig demonstrates what I like to call the 'sweater hug.' It's been a personal favorite of mine through many an unfathomable hangover when I've just wanted to escape into a cheerful abyss of snugly peace (bliss). One of the keys to a good cry is curling up like a cat, giving yourself a strong full-body embrace and surrounding yourself with the snuggliest materials known to man with which to unearth your inner sadness. Soft fabrics hold no judgement. Go with it.

Don't Be Afraid To Tell The World What You Need

Being emotional is tough. If you happen to live with other people, then it throws in the added obstacle of trying to communicate with them through the entrenchment of a tearful episode. Sometimes, you'll want to talk it out with them (and sound like a scream hurled through a wind turbine machine... trust me, I've been there), but other times, you'll just want to be left alone.

As Crying In A Shower shows us, it's also cool to want to push people away whilst begging them to stay with you. There are no rules. Just shout your requests into the ether of polite society, and see what talks back. You're in the middle of an important 'crisis meeting' with yourself, and it's totally OK to make ridiculous demands. (For example, might I recommend asking for the last slice of pizza? It has been scientifically proved, I'm sure, that pizza is a great remedy for the blues.)

Getting Over It

There comes a point with every good crying session where you find yourself totally over it. It's kind of like waking up in a friend's house one morning and for a split second not quite knowing where you are, except you're basically waking up in a new and improved version of yourself. You'll feel refreshed, a little bit wiser and probably thinking what the hell am I still clinging onto this wet tissue for? I'm over it! It's one of the most liberating feelings in the world. So make like Wiig and tear off that emotional heavyweight sweater! You're free!

I Can't Believe I Cried That Much

Maybe you've been sat in the tub the whole time like Wiig and you might wonder how much of this bathwater is actually made up of my own tears? But in all likelihood you're probably just surrounded by a small mountain of tissues which give you a physical manifestation of just how sad you were. If you've had a cry over something you realise as being a little silly then the second stage of getting over it sometimes involves contemplating how you managed to waste so many good tears over something so trivial. Put simply, it's because it feels damn good. There is nothing so trivial that it can't be somewhat remedied by a good cry, so at the very least give yourself a pat on the back for keeping it real.

Congratulations! You've cried like a trooper and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Now go dry the tears from the sleeves of your favorite sweater, maybe enjoy a comeback victory dance, and just remember — your crying doesn't have to be as Oscar-worthy as Wiig's performance in Crying In A Sweater to still hold some value. You're a winner!

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