15 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For The Lazy Kid In You

It’s the night before Halloween and you’re standing at the entrance of a mass costume shop, steeling yourself before you fight over whatever crappy costumes are left. This is the moment you should turn around and walk the heck out of there, because there are plenty of last-minute DIY Halloween costumes you still have time to create!

I perpetually am the one scraping the bottom of the barrel the night before Halloween, hoping that I’ll find a costume that will fit and won’t cost me upwards of 80 dollars. You would think I would learn, but every year I tell myself, “I’ll just use that costume I wore three years ago. No one will notice.” Then the night before Halloween, it dawns on me that all the Halloween photos from three years ago were just shared all over Facebook for Throwback Thursday.

Now that I am in my late '20s, Halloween is slowly becoming another boring holiday, and the need to go all out is fading away. That’s why I pulled together this list of lazy last-minute DIY costumes. I have the next 16 years of costumes planned out with this bad boy, and now so do you. It’s time to put in minimal effort, and get to that whole celebrating part much faster.

1. Mummy

Remember The Mummy from way back in the day? Granted, you won’t look quite as grotesque and creepy, but talk about one of the easiest and cheapest costumes you could ever make. Plus, you’ll always be there to offer a cute guy/girl a napkin if a drink gets spilled on them.

What You’ll Need: Toilet paper! You’ll need a few rolls if you really go all out with it. Wrap yourself from head to toe, leaving space for your eyes, nose, and mouth, of course. Splash on some fake blood if you really want to go for the gore.

2. Vampire

No, I’m not asking you to dress up like Twilight and start shimmering in the daylight. Go for the classic Dracula vampire look so you can hide in dark corners, waiting to scare someone into buying you a drink.

What You’ll Need: Vampire fangs, dark clothes or a cape, and fake blood. You probably will need to pick up the fangs, but you can get away with wearing practically anything and calling yourself a vampire. I mean, Twilight was pretty successful. Just sayin’.

3. Nerd

I don’t care who you are, I am sure you have everything you need to turn yourself into a nerd sitting in your closet. I’ve already pulled this one out for office parties more times than I care to say.

What You’ll Need: Glasses, button-down shirt, and dress or khaki pants. If you happen to have a pocket protector and some plaid shorts, you’ll be deemed an all-star.

4. Flo from Progressive Auto Insurance

Who can resist smiling whenever Flo comes on the TV? She still kills it for me, and her simple get-up makes her a fun, simple DIY that everyone will love.

What You’ll Need: White polo shirt, white apron, nametag, headband, and the capability to print. Print out the Progressive logo and attach it to the front of you apron, along with the nametag with “FLO” written on it. Don’t forget to add the red lipstick!

5. Greek God/Goddess

In other words… Toga, toga, toga! I hosted a toga party once, and that was the simplest costume I’ve ever put on. Plus it’s incredibly flattering on everyone!

What You’ll Need: A white sheet. Wrap the white sheet around your body (making sure you tie it tight) to create a toga or dress for yourself. Add a gold belt, or use some gold rope to cinch around the waist.

6. Dice

Happen to have some friends who didn’t think ahead about their costumes either? Perfect! This costume works solo and in groups, so you can rock it no matter what your plans are.

What You’ll Need: All-black or all-white clothing, and black or white construction paper. If you’re wearing black, use white construction paper. If you’re wearing white, use black construction paper. Cut out one to six large dots, and attach them to your clothes how they would appear on dice.

7. Bat

Did you know that old black umbrella was meant to serve a higher purpose? It was clearly meant for being cut into two pieces, and turned into the perfect bat wings. No one needs to be protected from the rain!

What You’ll Need: Black clothing, bat ears, and a black umbrella (preferably already broken so you don’t have to break a new one). Detach the pole from the umbrella, and cut the fabric in half to create two wings. Use safety pins to attach the wings to your outfit, and you’re ready to fly.

8. Identity Thief

This is the laziest DIY costume on the list, that’s for sure. If you are still on the fence about dressing up at all, at the very least use this tried and true favorite.

What You’ll Need: Nametags and a dark marker. Create a ton of nametags with different names on them, and stick them all over your body. Bonus points if you use the names of everyone you know will be attending the Halloween party you’re going to.

9. Facebook

It’s time to take a page from Jim from The Office, and throw it back to one of his best costumes on the show. It’s true, I’ve seen more elaborate Facebook costumes. However this one always ends up getting the most attention. Simplicity at its finest, folks.

What You’ll Need: A dark marker that you have confirmed will wash off at some point. Don’t go for the permanent marker here. You are writing “BOOK” on your face, and, most likely, you gotta go to work on Monday.

10. Ghost

It’s a classic for a reason! When you think about it, it’s a great vintage costume idea that no one is doing anymore. You won’t have to worry about anyone showing up with the same costume here. The odds are in your favor that you’ll be unique.

What You’ll Need: A white sheet with two small holes cut out for you to see through.

11. Cat

Please promise me you aren’t going to pull a Mean Girls and just dress in lingerie with some cat ears. I mean, you can, but a tutu or a bodysuit is a little more creative.

What You’ll Need: Cat ears, a cute outfit, a tail made out of a piece of ribbon or rope, and a dark marker (NOT permanent). All you have to do is match the color of your outfit with the color of your ears, draw on some whiskers, and safety pin a tail to your lower back.

12. Risky Business

Time to bust out those dance moves, because Risky Business is in the house! Get ready to slide across floors and wear your sunglasses at night, people.

What You’ll Need: A large white button-down shirt, sunglasses and socks.

13. Brawny man

For all those hipsters and lumberjacks out there, this one is tailor-made for you. Grab that plaid shirt that’s hanging in your closet, and bring the paper towels. Just don’t get stuck on clean-up duty…

What You’ll Need: Red plaid shirt, khaki pants, and a roll of Brawny paper towels.

14. Rosie the Riveter

I think any woman can pull this costume off flawlessly with just a few simple items. Really, as long as you can flex that bicep, you’re golden.

What You’ll Need: Skinny jeans, blue button-down shirt, red bandana, and red lipstick. Throw on those jeans, tuck your shirt in, wrap the bandana around your head, and finish with the bright red lipstick. Retro hottie incoming!

15. Error 404 Costume Not Found

Finally, for those of you who are being forced to attend a party and want to protest this whole costume thing, here’s the non-costume for you. The irony is, you’ll probably end up winning the costume contest.

What You’ll Need: White t-shirt and a dark permanent marker. Write “Error 404: Costume Not Found” on the chest, and you’re all set to be the hit of the party.

With all these options, you almost want to make two or three costumes to be different each night over Halloween weekend. Then you remember you’re lazy, and that’ll never happen. Happy Halloween!

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