‘Legally Blonde’ Would Be A Lot Different Today

During his Monday night appearance on The Late Late Show, Luke Wilson joked half-heartedly about wanting to make a third Legally Blonde movie. Though the joke may have been half-hearted though, as a fan, the idea of making a third Legally Blonde film is an exciting one to me. Also, it doesn't even look too far out of the realm of possibility: In fact, Reese Witherspoon talked openly about the idea on Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe: "I think it’d be kind of a cool thing to have her be a Supreme Court Justice or somebody who runs for office, president."

Elle Woods 2016? To be honest, the timing is kind of right for it — and I'm sure she'd absolutely obliterate Donald Trump during a debate.

But, considering the original film was released in theaters back in 2001 (and the sequel was released in 2003), a lot has changed in 14 years — so, if it were to happen, how would Legally Blonde 3 be different than the first two films? Just take a look at how much the world has changed since the first film aired, and how Legally Blonde 3 would have to be different if it were to happen.

No More Charm Necklaces

Those are, like, so 2001.

Elle Woods Might Have Kids

If the movie were made today, Elle would be 36 years old. I imagine she’d either be trying to juggle her career with kids, or trying to figure out if she wanted to get pregnant. Either way, it could add a really compelling element to the movie and to her character.

Professor Callahan Would Be Prosecuted

Or, at least, I hope he would be. That kind of sexual harassment in school or in the workplace is so not tolerated.

More Supportive Female Friends

I hated all of that silly beef between Elle and Vivian in the first movie. In today’s more feminist films, there are more examples of women working together than not. Something tells me Elle would be all about that.

She’d Be Fighting Bigger Battles

Sorry, but murder cases and animal rights activists would probably take a back seat to bigger feminist issues, like reproductive rights and equal pay.

With all of these changes in mind, I think it would be awesome to see Elle Woods navigating the world as a powerful woman in 2015. Can we start a petition or something to seriously make this movie happen?

Image: Giphy (5); Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer