See Inside Yolanda Foster’s $19 Million Home

Sad news for anyone who loves Yolanda Foster’s refrigerator as much as I do: On future episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you will no longer be able to see the former model and mom-of-three plucking chilled lemons from her glass-front appliance. According to Variety, Yolanda and David Foster have reportedly sold their Malibu estate for a whopping $19.45 million. The 11,600 square foot home boasted three floors, six bedrooms, and nine bathrooms. Not to mention the terraced citrus grove that Yolanda planted so that she would always have lemons at the ready. Ahh, the life!

But, as sad as I am to know I'll never see that amazing house on the reality television show again, I’m pumped that the house went on the market publicly, because that means there are pictures. Lots of pictures. There are pictures of the Fosters’ house that, even if you are an avid fan of the show, you probably haven’t seen before.

Granted, there are some other shots that are decidedly missing, like the portrait wall in the kitchen that Yolanda made with her three children — Gigi, Bella, and Anwar. Perhaps the Fosters took down any personal details to make the home have a universal appeal?

But look at these amazing, albeit perfectly posed, photographs from the inside of their Malibu home.

The Amazing View

It’s amazing what $19.45 million can buy you.

That Refrigerator

Glass-fronted, marble-lined, and walk-in ready. The thing I always wonder: Where do they keep their leftover Chinese takeout?

Yolanda’s Closet

I personally love the entire wall of neutral colored shirts and white jeans. It’s like her uniform.

Open Concept To The Nth Degree

The Fosters take open concept to the extreme with a living room that opens up to the outside. Please. If I lived in Malibu and had a cool $20 million, I would do the same thing.

That Tub

Do you think the buyer got to keep the framed photo of her now-famous daughters, Bella and Gigi?

The Infamous Piano

Where a drunk Taylor Armstrong went off on David Foster for not letting her sing. Word to the wise: When David Foster is at the piano, you don’t sing along.

The Patio That Goes On Forever

I don’t even know if that qualifies as a patio. There is probably some really rich word for a feature like that that I am not even aware of because I don’t have $19 million dollars and I don’t have anything more than a cement slab outside my back door.

So take a long hard look, folks. This is what living like a Real Housewives cast member looks like.