Yolanda Is Too Classy For 'Real Housewives'

by Marenah Dobin

Yolanda Foster is a true gem. She is smart, well-spoken, talented, and glamorous. On top of that, she is relatively calm and always has it all together, so it is honestly a surprise that she's such a good fit for Real Housewives which focuses on women who lead drama-filled lives. Nevertheless, Yolanda is a breath of fresh air on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And, if I'm keeping it real, she is actually my favorite housewife. Still, I can't deny that the former model being a cast member on this show is pretty random, because Yolanda Foster is just too classy for Real Housewives .

I hate saying that because I love everything about the reality show franchise. I'm not hating on the other housewives by any means, but it's just that Yolanda is on another level. She truly is the classiest cast member of all time. It might seem like a pretty easy thing to say given all the table flipping, hair pulling, and shade throwing that happens in all of the Real Housewives cities, but the 51-year-old really is too classy for the show on more than just a comparative basis. Trust me, there are plenty of reasons why Yolanda Foster is the classiest of all the Real Housewives.

1. She Tries To Avoid Housewives Drama

You would think that avoiding the drama would make her a boring addition to the show, but it actually doesn't. Yolanda is interesting to watch without seeing her engaged in arguments or interjecting herself into other people's controversies. The other Housewives

turn to her as a peace maker because she has the most level head on her shoulders.

2. She Has A Positive Outlook

Yolanda has been through a lot. After she divorced her first husband, Mohamed Hadid, she raised her three kids as a single mother. And now, she is battling Lyme Disease. No matter what struggles come her way, Yolanda always tries to have a positive attitude, and this is something that is very inspiring to her friends and fans.

3. She Has Never Got Physical With Other Housewives

Sure, she has argued with her costars from time to time, but it's always in a peaceful and civilized manner. No wine glasses are ever thrown or broken in a Yolanda Foster argument, because she relies on her words to get her though any disagreements or misunderstandings.

4. She Has An Accent

Well, this is obvious, but Yolanda's Dutch accent makes everything sound so regal and classy. Too classy for Housewives.

5. She Is An Equestrian

There is just something about horseback riding that screams class to me. Yolanda has been an avid equestrian for most of her life, and this type of commitment to an active hobby is pretty rare among these ladies.

6. She Builds Up Other Women

Yolanda has no issue sharing the spotlight with other women. She is always promoting the other Housewives' products and their milestones on social media, in addition to attending their personal events whenever she can. She is one of those people who believes that life is more fun when we're all winning.

7. She Handles Every Situation With Tact

No matter what happens, she keeps her cool, minds her words, and looks great while doing so. She always knows what to say and the best way to do so, and carries herself well no matter what happens.

All of this said... Yolanda, please never leave RHOBH. We need you!