Carter Finally Stopped Lying On 'Finding Carter'

by Christine DiStasio

At this point, I kind of expect Carter to know that no good thing has ever come from telling even the smallest lie. For the past two seasons we've watched Carter face consequences – so, when she lied about her age to get a job at Magic Hour, I knew it'd come back to get her. On Tuesday night, Carter and Jared FINALLY got together on Finding Carter. I don't want to say I was rooting for them, but they really had such obvious tension — we all knew it would happen. But, when Carter told the truth about her age (thankfully), Jared — unsurprisingly — didn't take it very well and now that this 'ship can't sail, will Carter get fired again on Finding Carter ?

I feel like, considering Jared already fired her once, he might not be afraid to do it again. But, Carter did technically save his business with her brilliant idea for a pop-up rave. I know Elizabeth and David want Carter to finish high school, but she clearly has a very successful career as a party planner already ahead of her. Either way, it seems like Jared will, ultimately, let Carter stick around. Sure, he was incredibly upset — how could he not be — but I don't think he threw Carter out of the bar for good. She did come clean, after all, and her reason for doing it really did come from the heart.

And, as problematic as this 'ship is — especially since I'm officially invested in CarCrash now — it seems like Carter and Jared are a good team. Even if they're not going to work out romantically, it's entirely possible that they could be friends or business partners. Carter lies, but she's not mean-spirited or malicious. On the other hand, however, Jared clearly has enough problems trying to sort out his professional life and how he's going to keep his family's business — this kind of drama is just distracting and unnecessary for him. Even if he keeps Carter as an employee, things probably can't be the same between them again for awhile, at least. It's really not too late to bring back Crash, Finding Carter, we won't be mad about it.

Image: MTV