Carly Fiorina's Closing Statement At The Third GOP Debate Was Simple, But She Can't Stop Criticizing Hillary Clinton


After two stellar debate performances, there were some pretty high expectations for Carly Fiorina's closing statements at the third Republican primary debate. After the first debate, she skyrocketed out of the happy hour forum and onto the main stage, where she drew major attention at the second debate. Her stirring speech about Lady Liberty and Lady Justice was the best closing statement of the night, and a fitting conclusion for the only female Republican candidate. Fiorina has established herself as a skilled debater, with punchy lines and strong rhetoric, and nothing showed that better than her closing remarks Wednesday.

There was a lot riding on her performance in Colorado. After the first two primary debates, Fiorina experienced substantial boosts in the polls. But in the time since the second debate, those numbers have dropped, and her campaign has lost momentum amid the messy controversy surrounding her allegations about the Planned Parenthood videos. But although she still sits at the top of the pack, another debate bump could do her campaign well as she fights the strong numbers that both Ben Carson and Donald Trump are pulling in.

But did her performance stand out enough to help her at all?

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Fiorina's closing statement was strong, capitalizing on the momentum that drove her through the night, and serving as a fitting closure to a well-done evening. Although she didn't shine in the way that she has in her first two debates, she was definitely at the top of the pack. It wasn't as stirring as her "Lady Liberty" closer, but it was simple, to the point, and very Fiorina.

While it might feel uncomfortable that Fiorina is specifically pitting herself against Clinton, it might strike a chord with Republican supporters who approve of how fiercely she has gone after the Democratic frontrunner in the past. Whether Fiorina's performance — and closing statement — will be able to drive her all the way through to that potential debate is yet to be determined, though.