Statue Invites You To Sit on Satan's Lap

In Oklahoma, a strange controversy centered around Satanists and the separation of church and state is in full, hellish swing. Members of the Satanic Temple have unveiled a design for a 7-foot-tall statue of the devil they want to put in front of the Capitol building in Oklahoma. Which, by the way, would stand right next to a monument of the Ten Commandments. Well played, satanists, well played.

“The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond,” Lucien Greaves, a spokesman for the Satanists, told the AP. “The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation." (And Satan told me that was just our thing we do together.)

As we've reported before, those who believe in separation of church and state are positively giddy over this one.

Already, some are rejoicing about the bind Oklahoma representatives are in, where they can’t deny the requests without a lawsuit, but can’t approve them without angering their conservative base — the very base that wanted the Ten Commandments at the capitol in the first place. ”This is beautiful,” wrote Hemant Mehta at the Friendly Atheist blog.

...because once you let one group put up a monument … well, where do you draw the line? From a purely practical perspective, it’s rather costly and potentially infinite. What if the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster wanted to put up a monument to meatballs? Oklahoma might have to let them, or risk having to define what religion really is.

Oh, and here's the design of good ol' Satan.

Kinda cute. Just sayin'.

Meanwhile, in other signs of the impending Judeo-Christian apocalypse, here's a snapshot of the U.S. news section of Google News this morning. Nothing out of the ordinary, which is why I say these are impending signs.

Google is celebrating Zora Neale Hurtson's birthday today. (She wrote Their Eyes Were Watching God, for those of you who went to a school that only taught dead white male literature.)

Alex Trebeck rapped on Jeopardy last night. We can't embed it, so click on the link. You're welcome.

And finally, it may be really, really cold outside, but global warming is still a thing.