The Strangest 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' Contestant Occupations Over The Years

With the newest season of The Bachelor comes the best part of the show: the creative job titles. Sure, I understand that a majority of the people who can afford to take that much time off tend to have, shall we say, flexible jobs. This means we get lot of off-season teachers, aspiring models/actors/artists, and it also means we get some unemployed or oddly employed people. On Juan Pablo's season we had Free Spirit and Dog Lover as job titles. Andi Dorfman's season saw the creatively-named Pantsapreneur.

But they're not the only ones to have some odd contestant professions on their seasons. Weird jobs are an age-old Bachelor family tradition and I've rounded up 14 of the best.

Images: ABC

Free Spirit

Lucy showed up to meet Juan Pablo in a flower crown and bare feet. He kept her for a little while though, because a whole bag of crazy is quite good for TV.

Dog Lover

As is to be expected when your occupation is to love dogs, Kelly brought along her dog Molly who had zero interest in meeting Juan Pablo under these constructed circumstances.

Mineral Coordinator

I don’t have a snarky comment about this because I’m actually just so curious what on earth Lauren’s job entails. Unfortunately, I’ll never get to find out because Juan Pablo kicked her off on the first night.

Jumbotron Operator

Paige from Sean Lowe’s season was in charge of the kiss cam at ballgames or something. Yet, I don’t think she’s the person that moves the camera around in the crowd because that’s a camera operator, so I feel like she’s just the person who turns the screen on and off??

Sign Spinning Inventor

Desiree’s season listed him as the much more innocent “advertising entrepreneur” but Robert Graham’s get-to-know-you section included him explaining how he invented the idea of spinning signs on the corners of sidewalks.


Ugh dude, just put tailor. But no, “magician” was Nick’s gimmick so he had to put it out there, and it worked! I mean it worked in alerting Desiree that he was not for her and she sent him packing on night one.

Grain Merchant

In a nod to the middle ages, Alessandro from Emily Maynard’s season is bringing grain sales back.

Mushroom Farmer

Alejandro, also from Emily’s season, should probably team up with Alessandro so they can open a grain and mushroom farm together.

Funeral Director

Shawntel Newton rose from the dead (aka being eliminated on Brad Womack’s season) to appear briefly on Ben Flajnik’s season and cause a lot of ruckus in the house. I bet the hardest part of the half episode she was in was being comfortable around all those living people. (I’m terrible, I know.)


Somehow if she were just a beard/mustache specialist I feel like she’d have a different job title, which makes my mind wander way too far wondering what exactly Raichel Goodyear from Brad’s season actually manscapes. (Gross.)


JJ O’Brien invented his own job title, but that didn’t seem to bother Andi Dorfman during her season. As much as I wanted to hate someone who was a pants entrepreneur, JJ’s actually a pretty cool guy who just happens to make some pretty wacky clothes.


This profession isn’t exactly what you think it is. Brittany from Chris Soules’ season is not training to be the next Ariana Grande. Rather, in the World Wrestling Entertainment sector a “diva” refers to women who work within the wrestling community. It can describe everyone from the ladies who hold up the round numbers to the female wrestlers themselves, which is what Brittany is. But real job or not, “diva-in-training” is still a hilarious occupation title, especially for people unfamiliar to what it actually means.

Sport Fishing Enthusiast

As far as I can tell, Chris’ contestant Tara doesn’t actually have a job in the fishing industry, she just likes it a whole lot. Much like Juan Pablo’s “dog lover” lady, The Bachelor is taking contestant interests and putting them as careers in the absence of an actual one. If I were to do the same thing I’d probably be an “ramen noodle enthusiast” or an “authority on binge-watching” or something.

Image: Tara Lee Eddings/Instagram

Cadaver Tissue Saleswoman

Oh, Reegan. She wins Chris Soules’ season with her creative job title which, let us not forget, is essentially the selling of dead flesh. But hey, she does it in the name of giving people (mostly athletes) cadaver ligaments and such so they can have surgery and get back in the game. So even though it’s pretty morbid, it’s also kind of cool. Very Grey’s Anatomy. You go, Reegan.