'Get Weird' Is Little Mix's Gift Of Empowerment

While fans still have yet to experience Little Mix's Get Weird album in all of its glory, they have released a few songs that hint at what we can expect. One of those tracks, "Hair," is the sassy, tell-it-like-it-is breakup anthem we all need. In a new interview, it seems like Perrie Edwards confirmed "Hair" is about Zayn Malik.

According to the Irish Examiner, Leigh-Anne Pinnock was interviewing her bandmates for UTV's Total Access. (The full interview is set to air on Oct. 28.) Referring to the lyrics "Cause he was just a d**k and I knew it / Got me going mad sitting in this chair / Like I don’t care / Gotta get him out my hair," Pinnock reportedly asked the rest of Little Mix, “So obviously with 'Hair,' can you tell us the story behind it, because it’s got a naughty word in it hasn’t it?" (Quotes via the Irish Examiner.)

"Well, you know, sometimes when you break up with someone they are that word, so it’s all right to say in a song," Jade Thirlwall reportedly explained. Edwards gave a nod to the song's lyrics, adding, "He was just a bell-end and I knew it." ("Bell-end" is British slang for "d**k.")

Whether or not "Hair" is about Malik, there's no denying that it's a great breakup anthem. In fact, everything we've heard about Get Weird signals it will be an empowering album for any woman. Here are 11 reasons why.

1. "Black Magic" Is A Call To Arms

"All the girls on the block knocking at my door! / Wanna know what it is make the boys want more!" Little Mix sing, calling to mind their previous song, "Salute."

2. "Hair Lyrics"

"Gotta get him out my hair," the band chant, reminding us that we don't need a man to be happy.

3. The Meaning Behind Get Weird

"We just wanted to have a title that showed us off for the crazy girls we are! We just wanna have fun!!" Pinnock tweeted.

4. The "Love Me Like You" Video

Although the girls get their hearts broken in "Love Me Like You," it's a gentle nod to the lasting power of female friendships.

5. They Embrace Their Individuality

While speaking of the album to Shazaam, Pinnock explained, "We just wanted to show our personalities off, show people that we don't take ourselves too seriously. We love having fun, and together we have such a strong bond, and I think everyone needs to know that."

6. "Grown" Lyrics

Little Mix are at peak empowerment when they belt about lessons learned.

7. "Black Magic" Video

Showing off their geeky sides, Little Mix's "Black Magic" video is all of us.

8. The Album's "Uplifting" Theme

Jesy Nelson confirmed the album is happy and uplifting, which is a great tone for empowerment.

9. It's All About Confidence

Each of these songs encourages the listener to be self-assured.

10. Those Voices Are On Point, As Always

Listen to any song from Get Weird and you know that Little Mix aren't afraid to be heard.

11. They Want To Empower You

They're spreading their message and the fans are more than excited to hear it.

Here's to Little Mix continuing to empower their fans with each album.

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