Women Chefs Of New York On Killing It In The Kitchen

It’s no secret that the food industry is a competitive, male-dominated world. Despite “women belonging in the kitchen” being a misogynistic cliché, it seems that only means the kitchen at home. Once women start climbing the career ladder to working in restaurants — they can face some serious sexism in the kitchen.

So the new book Women Chefs of New York , which shines a spotlight on 25 of the most talented women in the New York food business, is exactly the antidote that’s needed. Women Chefs of New York is made up of interviews compiled by food writer Nadia Arumugam, and reveals each chef’s backgrounds, stories, and quirks — alongside some seriously mouthwatering recipes. Whether you like cooking food, photographing it, writing about it, or just eating it — this book will dazzle and inspire you.

One of the culinary superstars featured is Zahra Tangorra, the owner and founder of the Italian restaurant Brucie. Yes, that Brucie. The restaurant that brought us a Kimye-themed Valentine’s Day menu earlier in 2015, and a Beyoncé-themed one the year before. It’s not every day that a restaurant understands my irrational desire to eat dishes with names like “Breastiny’s Child” — so it’s fair to say Brucie is a pretty special place.

That’s why, when the founder and her female staff speak out about how they feel empowered in such a male-dominated industry, we should listen. Here’s what they have to say.

Zahra Tangorra, Chef/Owner

Aya Sato, Beverage Director/ Bar Manager

Jennie Lupo, Chef de Cuisine

Paulina Gorczyn, General Manager

Nicole Bailey, Service Director

Image: Pixabay; Courtesy of Bloomsbury/Brucie