9 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

by Jessica Learish

It's officially crunch-time for Halloween costume creation, and if you're as busy as I know you are, you and your significant other probably haven't even had time to think about your Halloween costumes, let alone put them together. So here are some last-minute Halloween costume ideas for couples that, with any luck, take advantage of things that are already in your closet, which will save you valuable money and time.

I'm basically using all of these costume ideas as pitches to my boyfriend, because we, like the rest of you, still haven't decided what to wear on Saturday night. So, take a mental inventory of the things you have stuffed in the back of a drawer or hanging in the coat closet, because we're about to assemble some looks that will activate the busy/lazy part of your brain without tipping off your more enthusiastic friends. I mean, Halloween is on a Saturday this year, so theoretically, you could wait until that day to put your costume together. No excuses, team!

Keep in mind that you can channel the essence of just about any character or person without creating an exact replica of something they wore. Mostly, it's about working within the same color palette and nailing some of the more important details. So, here are some ideas to help you get inspired, because the clock is ticking, and Party City is selling out of the best swag.

1. Alice & The White Rabbit

A blue A-line dress ($61, Lindy Bop) and a black bow in your hair will get you pretty close to Alice pretty quickly, and put bunny ears and a red jacket ($90, Zara) on your bae, and you've got yourself a great white rabbit. Don't forgot to grab your wall clock ($70, Crate & Barrel), or you'll be late for your very important date.

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

2. Shaggy & Daphne From Scooby Doo

It takes minimal effort and even less shopping necessary to nail these looks. This costume is great for couples who plan on bringing their doggy along for the Halloween festivities! Make sure to bring some Scooby Snacks ($2.42, Target).

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

3. Swashbuckling Pirates

As two scalawags of the sea, you'll get maximum booty. These simple pirate costumes make use of basics that you almost definitely already own. Throw together some pirate accessories like an eyepatch ($4.88, Amazon) and signature hat ($20,, and go to town. Remember to bring the rum, aaargh!

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

4. Hot Sauce

Perfect for a foodie couple, things will get spicy when you show up to the party dressed as your favorite hot sauce. Grab a Sriracha tee ($6,, rock a beanie in the color of the cap, and you'll make everyone's candy taste a little bit sweeter.

Costume ideas: Polyvore

5. Star Wars Nerds — Feat. One Stop Shopping

Get ahead of the 2015 curve by dressing up as OG Star Wars characters this Halloween. You can get these two simple, anti-fussy costumes with just one trip to Hot Topic (R2D2 dress, $25, Darth Vader outfit, $14.35) while supplies last.

Costume ideas: Polyvore

6. Elsa & Olaf

If you've got a blue gown ($24.34, stashed away in the back of your closet and you still haven't *let go* of your love for Frozen, you can give yourself an excuse to sing the whole night through with these two icy-cool costumes. Olaf onesies ($30, Amazon) are surprisingly easy to come by.

Costumes: Polyvore

7. Netflix & Chill

Dress up as what you would be doing if you weren't at your friend's Halloween party. One of you should wear the Netflix uniform ($30, Etsy), aka pajamas (bonus points for the Netflix logo appearing somewhere), and the other should rock some chill beachwear.

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

8. Hipsters Of Hogwarts (Or Harry & Ginny Do Brooklyn)

Hey, Potterheads, you didn't think I would just leave you hanging, did you? If you're a big Harry Potter fan, odds are you have some elements of these costumes in your closet somewhere. Break out the "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good" tank ($18, Etsy), a Gryffindor tee ($32.95, Universal Orlando), and the signature Potter glasses ($10, zeroUV). Finally, an opportunity to rock that Time Turner as a legit accessory!

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

9. Sonny & Cher

Gone to a music festival lately? Break out your best hippie gear to become the most swingin' duo of the '70s, Sonny and Cher. You'll have your babe, for sure — all you need is a long black wig with bangs ($8, Amazon) to drive this one home.

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

For more Halloween ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: rspeed/Flickr; Polyvore (10)