Who's The Zodiac Killer? 'AHS: Hotel' Brings Another Iconic Serial Killer To Mr. March's "Devil's Night" Dinner

I haven't been to any serial killer soirees myself, so I can't say this with absolute certainty, but it seems like a pretty dangerous affair to attend IMO. I mean, you're basically just asking to get murdered by doing something like that. However, logic and reasoning such as that wasn't enough to stop Det. John Lowe from attending Mr. March's "Devil's Night" dinner party on AHS: Hotel this week. And, while there were a bunch of not-so-great people in attendance, one that caught my eye in particular was the infamous Zodiac Killer, whose face was completely covered by a black shroud. (Appropriate considering we still don't know who the Zodiac Killer is IRL either.) But, his heinous villainy has become legendary throughout the years.

His murderous crimes terrorized the northern part of California from the late '60s through the early '70s. But he didn't just kill his victims, he reveled in his accomplishments by sending letters of his crimes into the police — signing each correspondence with the Zodiac symbol. (Hence the nickname.) In fact, as an added way to toy with law enforcement, some of these letters would include cryptograms and ciphers, only one of which has definitely been solved, which supposedly provided clues to his true identity. So yeah, this guy was all about the mind games.

He didn't have a weapon of choice. Some victims were shot in their cars, while others were stabbed. But the way he wanted the police to both know about and publish his crimes is almost as sick and twisted as the act itself. It's no wonder Mr. March wanted him as a guest at his killer-themed party. (Though I did enjoy how they all poked fun at him for creating his own nickname.) The world may not know who he is, but that doesn't stop him from being any less terrifying. So thank you, AHS. Because of this little gathering, I won't be sleeping for at least a week.

Image: Suzanne Tenner/FX