Your Favorite Sanderson Sister Says A Lot

We're all different people with our own unique tastes, but I'm pretty sure there's one thing that unites us all in obsession and eternal love: Hocus Pocus . Without a doubt one of Disney's best movies — and certainly the best Halloween movie — it centers on three witch sisters who are obsessed with immortality, but whose plans are thwarted back in 1693 when they're hung for witchcraft. The tricky thing is, one of the sisters has enacted a curse that will bring them back to life if only a virgin stumbles into their home and lights a candle. Obviously that's exactly what happens, and the rest, as they say, is cinematic history. It's so much fun from start to finish, particularly because of how brilliant the three Sanderson sisters — Winifred, Sarah, and Mary — are portrayed. But which sister is your favorite? Your answer means more than you think.

Winifred, Sarah, and Mary each have their own unique personalities, and the wonderful Bette Middler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy did an amazing job in bringing those larger-than-life characters... well, to life. Basically all three of them are totally lovable in their own ways, but if you're anything like me, you probably have one Sanderson sister that you enjoy watching just a tiny bit more than the others. It's okay, admit it.

Here's what your favorite Sanderson sister says about you:


If you love Winifred the most, you're likely a total ham and love the spotlight. It's not a matter of ego or narcissism, you're just a natural star. You're also a leader in your group of friends and notice that others tend to look to you for advice and guidance in all areas of life. You're a total trendsetter and can't imagine not being a complete original. You've probably got a stubborn streak and can't accept not getting what you want — in other words, you won't take no for an answer.


You've been called an airhead before, but you don't take offense to it because it's always been said with love. You can be a bit absent-minded sometimes, but that's just because you think life is about having fun, not about taking everything seriously. You're fascinated by the world around you and are like a kid when it comes to your sense of wonder. Your child-like innocence is refreshing to everyone who meets you, and you can always be counted on to be the life of any party.


Sometimes you feel like you can relate to living in the shadows of others, not because you're not completely amazing all on your own, but because you're content to do your own thing without needing constant attention and reinforcement. You're extremely independent and prefer to work alone, but you're also extremely loyal to the people you love. You've got a bit of a crazy streak from spending so much time on your own, but not scary crazy, more like zany.

Maybe you relate to one Sanderson sister, or maybe you're more like a little of all three. Whatever the case, I think we're all on the same page about Hocus Pocus being the best movie ever, right?

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