Allison Janney Joins This Star-Studded Cast

Are you sitting down? I hope you're sitting down. Exciting news on Thursday is that Allison Janney has joined The Girl on the Train . As if we weren't already looking forward to this movie, especially since buzz about the book is so big, drawing fevered comparisons to Gone Girl . According to Variety, Janney will play a detective in the movie. We already knew that Emily Blunt had been cast in the movie's lead role, as a divorced woman who starts fantasizing about the married couple who live in a house she passes on her daily commute by train — until one day she believes she's witnessed a crime taking place outside the property. Now we have Janney to round out the cast with her usual style and talent.

The actress recently won an Emmy for her work on Mom, on which she co-stars with Anna Faris. The Girl on the Train will be directed by Tate Taylor, who also helmed The Help — which Janney co-starred in so it's like a film family is getting back together right now. Janney joins what is fast becoming a star-studded cast, including Jared Leto, Justin Theroux, and Rebecca Ferguson (who recently co-starred in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation).

Written by Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train has garnered rave reviews and accolades since its release. The book spent sixteen weeks at the top of the New York Times Best Seller list in 2015, and twenty consecutive weeks at the top of the UK Hardback Chart, beating a previous record held by Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol . Seeing Janney in a serious role is always a joy. She's truly an actress with such range, who's sure to bring both drama and comedy to The Girl on the Train. It's exciting to know that she's a part of a movie that's going to get a lot of attention, and be watched by a lot of people.

As part of a stellar cast, Janney will hopefully be given ample screen time to showcase her talents, and it'll be particularly exciting to see her working as a detective, helping us piece together the clues throughout the movie. Although it's always sad to hear that Chris Evans is no longer attached to the project, news of Janney's casting has totally buoyed us. And everyone's ready for the next Gone Girl, right?