The ONE Indicator Your Partner Is Cheating

How do you know if you're being cheated on? You probably see some of the signs your partner is cheating before you have any real proof. There's that awful, pit-in-your-gut sensation when something is a little bit off and you can't put into words what it is. Or you have your suspicions, but not really any evidence. It's good to have some perspective and factor in if you're a naturally jealous person, which means you might be jumping to conclusions or reading too much into things. But if something's not quite right and you're wondering if it's all in your head, how can you tell if your partner isn't being faithful?

Well, there are a lot of different suggestions, from they start to take a different approach to their appearance, or the sex changes. But I looked at whatever everyone had to say about how to spot a cheater, from relationship experts to divorce lawyers, and there was one common indicator: being sketchy with your phone.

I know, it's pretty much the most millennial reason anyone could give, but it's true. Our phones are our lifelines, and if someone has always been very private about their phone that's one thing, but suddenly being really protective, getting lots of messages at weird hours, or always "forgetting" their phone at home... well, you'll know it when you see it.

As Marilyn Stowe, a divorce lawyer, says:

"How many times has a client told me about a spouse who behaves oddly and maintains a death grip on their mobile phone? The answer is far too many to remember! So far as marital breakdown is concerned, such activities have become epidemic. One client of mine became suspicious after her husband began sleeping with his mobile under his pillow. One night, when she could stand it no longer, she maneuvered it from beneath his sleeping head, crept downstairs, read the text messages from his lover — and woke him with her noisy demands for a divorce."

Now, I'm not saying start a witch hunt by any means. There are other reasons people are sketchy with their phones, obviously— they could be planning you that Game of Thrones/Harry Potter mashup birthday party you've always wanted (HINT HINT, IMAGINARY PARTNER). And you should always give your partner the benefit of the doubt and try to talk to them about it. But we all know a normal way to use our phones, if that's not happening, something could be up.

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