Easy At-Home Beauty Hacks

I love to go to the spa and treat myself. Nothing feels better than a fresh face, super smooth feet, and fancy-as-hell nails. But at-home spa treatments have never really been my thing. See, the thing that gets in the way of my DIY beauty regime is usually time. And, let's be honest, sometimes we just don't have the luxury to go around town to different spas to acquire our favorite treatments.

In the midst of things that you are trying to accomplish, don't let your beauty regime fall by the wayside if you don't want it to. Especially now that weather is getting colder, it's best to really buckle-down and get in a habit of everyday beauty treatments that make your skin feel its best. If you have been trying to find new ways to boost your beauty game, then you came to the right place. There are plenty of ways you can create an at-home spa by using household ingredients — and they work just as well; trust me. Thinking of buying that $40 face mask? Think again. There is one you can make at home for the fraction of the price and it will do just as good of a job. Nowadays, with Pinterest and YouTube, you can easily find ways to improve your beauty regime without even leaving your house. Check out some of the best ways to hack your way into beauty freedom before it's too late.

1. Chocolate Face Mask

It was recently just National Chocolate Day and to keep the spirit still alive, why not try doing a DIY chocolate face mask? POPSUGAR recommended creating this DIY chocolate mask in the comfort of your own kitchen! It will only exfoliate your skin, but it will get rid of blackheads, too!

2. Homemade Sugar Scrub

Whether you are looking for soft hands or toes, a sugar scrub is essentially the way to go. The grains of the sugar will get rid of any dead skin and make it feel baby soft. Refinery29 suggests creating this DIY sugar scrub in their Beauty Prep Scrub video.

3. Plump Your Lips With Peppermint

If you want your lips to be like Kylie Jenner, then just add a hint of peppermint into your lipgloss for some major plump action.

4. Use Mascara For Your Eyeliner

The good thing about mascara is that it is a double-duty for eyeliner, too. The Beauty Department explained how to take a sample from your brush and in no time, you will have the perfect cat-eye!

5. Make Your Lipstick Game Last

The one thing I want out of life is for my lipstick to last all day. Nothing feels better than after a long day and you check to mirror to find that you lipstick has survived the day. Lauren Conrad understands and has gave us messy-lipstick peeps some advantages to get it just right.

6. Make Your Lashes Long

The best way to achieve ultimate lash height is through baby powder. Seventeen explained this by using a Q-tip of baby powder to dust it over your mascara. So easy!

7. Wash Your Hair With Conditioner If You Are In A Rush

Pantene Conditioner, $7, Amazon

If you run out of shampoo or if you are in a rush, conditioner will do the same type of work. One of Allure's editors praised this method, but did mention it works better with curly hair than straight.

8. Get A Perfect Cat-Eye Every Time

Create a stencil to get the perfect cat eye every single time. By using tape, POPSUGAR said this hack will be easy as 1, 2, 3.

9. Conceal Your Dark Circles With A Triangle

The best way to cover your dark circles (besides drinking water, of course), is to actually conceal not only under your eyes, but create a triangle so it can blend nicely on your face. Brit + Co explained that by doing this hack, your eyes will actually appear much brighter.

10. Tame Your Brows With Lip Balm

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you don't have brow gel to hold your beauties in place, Byrdie suggested using lip balm as a substitute. No more crazy brows!

11. Create Matte Lips With Powder

Girls that love matte lips don't have to waste their money anymore on specialty lipsticks to achieve the look. Instead give Her Campus' suggestion a try by using powder to give you the ultimate matte finish.

Now your face and your wallet are going to love you more than ever before. It's time to take control of your time and beauty regime. Just give these hacks a try the next time you are bored in the house or going out for a date night!

Images: Pexels; Courtesy Brands