Harry Styles Reunites With His First Girlfriend

Because I am a someone who listens to both the entire record of 1989 and "Perfect" on a near-daily basis, I would consider myself a Haylor shipper to a fault; even though both Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have obviously moved on from the days of those matching paper airplane necklaces, I haven't. Enter Abigail Crawshaw, Harry Styles' first girlfriend. The One Direction singer and his ex recently hung out after one of One Direction's Newcastle shows. In addition to turning me into a Harry Styles/Abigail Crawshaw shipper (even if that ship is just their friendship), this adorable reunion is undeniable proof that Styles remembers his roots, and I'm kinda obsessed with it.

According to J-14, Styles and Crawshaw dated when the singer was 12 (just a baby!) but have kept in touch ever since, hanging out backstage at 1D shows since he skyrocketed to fame. Not only is it adorable that the two are still close, but it's pretty humbling to know that the singer obviously still cares greatly about his pre-fame friends and clearly takes the 1D song "Don't Forget Where You Belong" to heart. Melt!

Though someone named Felicity Skinner claims to be Styles' first girlfriend and has talked to the media about their relationship before, I'm here for Crawshaw, who is much more guarded about her life (her Twitter account is private) and has clearly been close with Styles since childhood. Just look at these pictures of the pair throughout the years — they are too cute and I'm all about it.

As for their most recent meeting, that took place backstage at 1D's Newcastle show on Oct. 26. Though Crawshaw and Styles posed for a pic, he also took a photo with several of her girlfriends, as well. Crawshaw's friend posted the photo on Instagram and captioned the pic, "Backstage with Haz," because these are actual sentences you can say when you're friends with Harry Styles.

Psst: If you're wondering why Styles is wearing that boot in the photo, it's because he broke his foot. Of course, he is indestructible and doesn't let a silly little thing like a fracture stop him from performing — or reuniting with his first girlfriend. You do you, Harry. And the rest of us will just sit back here and admire from afar (or up close, if you're into that sorta thing).