Justin Bieber Walks Out Of An Awkward Radio Interview & I Don't Exactly Blame Him — VIDEO

Justin Bieber hasn't always been the best sport in interviews (#ThrowbackThursday to the deposition seen 'round the world), but sometimes it's justifiable, and hell, even understandable. Though doing press is an important part of an artist's career — they should want to come across as friendly and likable so the public engages with them and their product — sometimes the celeb can be exhausted or having a difficult day or any one of a myriad of reasons why they're not at their best. And yes, sometimes, reporters can ask questions that are so offensive that the celeb will just straight-up leave. Which is exactly what happened when Justin Bieber walked out on a recent interview, one that has since gone viral.

During an interview with a Spanish radio station (in which the Biebs and the radio hosts were communicating through a translator), the "Sorry" singer was reportedly asked questions about his partying, if he has a lady in his life, and even if he dresses himself. (That last one — yikes.) It's clear that there could be a translation issue here and that the language barrier was a rough one, but the musician was certainly not impressed by the line of questions, and totally peaced the eff out with no explanation.

It's super awkward to say the least. Te radio hosts thought that Bieber was joining them in a different part of the studio to help make a video to "break the Internet," but instead the singer exits through another door, leaving the hosts to wonder where he's going and question if he's just using the bathroom.

Perhaps the reason that the interview is so bizarre is because the translator struggles throughout the piece and Bieber grows increasingly annoyed. It's hard to say who is at "fault" here: Bieber definitely cops an attitude, but the translation and work of the hosts appears messy and disorganized, so I don't exactly blame the "What Do You Mean" performer for growing uncomfortable and leaving, particularly if he felt like they weren't prepared and actually asked if he dresses himself.

Of course, the language issue is a real one, and that is something to take into consideration. And of all the interviews to walk out on (and of all of the offensive questions that could have been asked), this interview doesn't exactly take the cake. But that doesn't mean that Bieber doesn't have the right to be frustrated and leave, because he does.

For a 21-year-old who has done countless interviews all over the world and in many countries where the native language isn't English, Bieber has been composed, professional, and engaged. There was just something about this one that sat with him the wrong way — whether he felt like it was a mess, a waste of his time, or just down-right offensive — so he chose to leave. Was he clearly feeling awkward? Definitely. Is him walking out unprofessional? Maybe. But I also think it's fair that he be able to leave the scene if the scene is this uncomfortable.