'Adele Live In New York City' Special Is Coming To NBC To Make All Your Dreams Come True

So, hey, guys, maybe you've heard, but Adele is back. In fact, not only is she back, but she is back with a vengeance. After announcing that she has her upcoming album 25 heading our way very soon, Adele then dropped her new single "Hello," which is already breaking records, and even joined Saturday Night Live as a musical guest in an upcoming episode. You'd think all of that would be enough to let the world know that she's back and our long wait for new Adele music is over, but the pop star is doing us one even better. According to NBC, a live Adele concert special will be airing on the network on December 14, so we're getting an Adele concert before she even goes on tour again. Can I get a loud cheer, please?

The news was tweeted by NBC's official account on Friday morning, and the concert special will be called Adele Live In New York City (BRB, buying my tickets right now). The concert itself will take place at Radio City Music Hall on November 17, and taped for the rest of the world to enjoy. That's all the information that we have so far, but I can only assume that Adele will be performing a medley of hits from 25 — set to be released on November 20 — and from her previous albums 21 and 19. Maybe we'll get even luckier and she'll also perform covers of other hit songs that have come out in the long, long time we've spent waiting between her last single and her upcoming album. Either way, there's an Adele concert coming. What more do we need to know, really?

The one-night only special is sure to sell out as far as actual tickets go, but the fact that it will be broadcast for all the world to enjoy is a great bonus. I don't want to hear about the Adele concert secondhand or through pictures that some fans took on their cell phones. I want to watch an iconic singer return to the stage with her magnificent voice and undeniable talent with my own two eyes. And, sure, watching it on TV won't be as awesome as being their to experience it in real life, but it's the next best thing, and I will definitely be thanking NBC for giving us this opportunity.