Hugh Jackman & His Mullet Have A Pow Wow

We now have actual scientific proof that there is nothing on this green earth that could make Hugh Jackman unattractive. The 45-year-old actor-singer-dancer-wolverine is sporting a mullet. And. Damn. Him. IT LOOKS GOOD. How does he do it? How!? He looks like a high school baseball coach that’s so wrong it’s right.

The new ‘do is for his role as Vincent in Chappie, the upcoming sci-fi action-adventure currently shooting in South Africa. Jackman has been delighting his fans via Instagram with glorious peeks into Presidential choir rehearsals, hanging out with pandas and a baby snow leopard at the zoo, and now his glorious mullet...so essentially everything that is good and right in this world.

Underneath the photo Jackman noted, ‘Day 1 on Chappie! Vincent is born, rocking the mullet. Working with Neill Blomkamp in SA. This film is rad,’ No, no Mr. Jackman, it is YOU who is most rad. As is the stylist who crafted this most exquisite coif atop your glorious noggin. And now Hugh will be spending plenty of time in his trailer, prepping each morning for another day of filming, he’ll be getting quite close with his mullet. Here’s how we imagine those interactions:

Hugh Jackman: Good morning, Handsome.

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet: Good morning, Hugh. You look great today. Ready to take on the world.

Hugh Jackman: Thanks, Mul. Couldn’t do it without you. I especially couldn’t do it without my loving wife. Seriously, have I told you how much I love my wife?

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet: Every day Hugh, every day *mullet grumble*

Hugh Jackman: What was that, Mul?

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet: Nothing, Hugh, Nothing.

Hugh Jackman: Come on now, I might be really rugged and hairy, but you know I’m a sensitive guy. Spill.

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet:...It’s just. Sometimes I feel like all I am to you is a party in the back. I’m just some spur of the moment thing and then come awards season, buzz buzz and I’ll be gone.

Hugh Jackman: Hey, hey now, Mul. You’re really important to me.

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet: You’re just saying that.

Hugh Jackman: Nah, Mul, it’s true. The way you swoosh reminds me of the big waves back home in Australia.

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet: You mean that?

Hugh Jackman: Of course I do.

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet: *sniff sniff*

Hugh Jackman: I know what will cheer you up.

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet: No, no you don’t have to.

Hugh Jackman:No, I want to. Come on, let me just do it.

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet: Fine, fine, you can sing, “Oh what a Beautiful Morning.”

Hugh Jackman: *Sings*

Hugh Jackman’s Mullet: *Heel Kick*


Image: TheHughJackman/Instagram