Bieber Storms Out Of Concert, But Is Super Sorry

Walking out of places is starting to become a trend for the Biebs. During a Thursday concert in Oslo, Norway, Justin Bieber walked out after performing one song. After exiting the stage, the 21-year-old did not return. I bet his fans left disappointed. Since then, Bieber has issued an apology via Instagram, where he profusely apologized and listed a bunch of reasons for his actions. Here is his apology in its entirety:

Sadly it's Been a rough week for me, long days no sleep, while having to be "on" as they would say for cameras fans etc. In no way did I mean to come across mean, but chose to end the show as the people in the front row would not listen. Hopefully people will understand where I am coming from. I don't always handle things the right way but I'm human and I'm working on getting better at responding not reacting. Unfortunately people were affected by this as am I. For the people in the back I am so sorry and for anyone I may have disappointed im sorry. Sorry for wasting the tv people's time I'll be sure to make it up to you next time on tour.. With love Justin.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bieber was supposed to perform five or six songs for 950 people as part of the late night Norwegian talk show Senkveld on channel TV2. Well, that didn't happen. After singing "Boyfriend," Bieber became super frustrated as he tried to "wipe the floor." No, that is not slang for anything. He was literally wiping the floor. Per THR, there was water on stage.

Based on the below video shared by a fan at the show, Bieber said to the front row of the crowd, "Yo, listen to me. Are you listening? I’m trying to wipe the floor. Gimme a sec, yo." He then stormed off and said, "Guys, never mind. I’m done. I’m not doing the show. I’m not doing the show."

And that was the last time anyone ever saw the Biebs.

Just kidding, but I have a feeling some of the fans at the show never want to see his face again. And the fact that the "What Do You Mean?" singer continues to leave in the middle of concerts and interviews isn't helping his already criticized image — at all.

Yep, this isn't the first time recently that he's walked off during an important moment. On Wednesday, Bieber exited a radio interview with a Spanish station. Granted, some of the questions he was asked were awkward and somewhat cringeworthy, so I kind of understand where why he walked out. I wouldn't really want to answer some of those questions, either. Like, when he was asked if he dresses himself? Seriously, what kind of question is that?

As for the most recent incident, I get that everyone has a bad day. I can't imagine constantly being in the public eye, being criticized repeatedly, and having your privacy invaded, all while trying to keep a happy face. Maybe everything just came to a head and that's why he walked out frustrated? Who knows why Bieber really left the stage, but at least he issued an apology and admitted what he did was wrong.

With that said, sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad and suck it up, especially when you've made a commitment — and one fans are looking forward to. If Bieber continues to show up for interviews and shows, but then walk out in the middle because he is over it, well, many fans will probably turn into non-Beliebers. As you can see, there are mixed emotions when it comes to Bieber's concert exit. His fans are even using the hashtag, #RespectForJustin.

I guess it's a good thing he just released the song "Sorry" because it's probably going to come in handy, even if some fans thinks it's too late to apologize.