This Virtual Pumpkin Carving App Is A Lazy Trick-Or-Treaters' Dream — PHOTOS

My roommate had to throw out her beautifully carved pumpkin yesterday because it was rotting, but you never have to go through that painful process if you just virtually carve your own pumpkin online! It's easy to do and there are a ton of benefits.

First let's take a moment and talk about cost. If you are a twentysomething right out of college you are not looking to spend money on frugal things. Pumpkin picking costs money. Even if you go to a grocery store to buy one it will still cost something, not to mention the supplies you need to carve the damn thing! The worst part about it is that the supplies you buy — the carving tools, the stencils, the paint — and all of that is really a once-a-year type of activity. (Unless you are a professional pumpkin carver, in which case those tools are priceless and I'd like to discuss your job in more detail over the phone.)

Even if money isn't a problem for you and you have a very flexible income, you might have an allergy. I imagine nothing is worse than finding out you are allergic elbow deep inside of a pumpkin. And if THOSE are not good enough reasons, the fact that you have to clean up the mess after you carve pumpkins with kids should be the final nail in the coffin. Whatever your personal reason for not going ham on a pumpkin this year, I have found the solution. This virtual pumpkin carving website allow you to have all the fun, without the mess. It's obviously not the real thing, but its a great solution if you are severely allergic or don't want to deal with the mess.

I took a few minutes to conjure up some designs. Don't judge me, I'm a writer not a carver.

Mr. Frankenstein

OK. I know that the monster was not called Frankenstein. But this little guy was so cute I wanted to give him the title. SUE ME MARY SHELLEY!

Jack Skellington

Yeah...this one was a soft bust. I tried.

The X-Files

Again, my love for aliens transcends all logic. GO ALIENS.

Images: Virtual Pumpkin Carver