17 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas To Take Your Jack-O'-Lantern Game Up To The Next Level

It seems just about anything can be turned into a competitive sport, and apparently that includes Halloween pumpkin carving. (Me, I like a good one-on-none competition to see just how much fun-sized Halloween candy I can eat at night, and still roll myself out of bed and into work in the morning. Oh, that's just me? I don't think so.)

Meanwhile, I appreciate creative efforts in whatever direction they may lead. Let's take a look at the work of some folks who were apparently able to step away from the candy corn long enough to apply their no-joke skills to carving jack-o-lanterns, shall we? Here's all the pumpkin inspiration you'll need this Halloween.

by Elizabeth Daleske

Carousel horses

The lacy detail work here is so nice. And the texture of that mane, c’mon.


The dot pattern here is so striking — and yet attainable for us regular folks.

Dorothy and The Tin Man

It’s hard to imagine how this even works.

World of Warcraft

Apparently this is a World of Warcraft logo. I choose not to know more about that, but I am impressed by the craftsmanship.

Dinosaur Pumpkin

An actual dinosaur made out of pumpkins? Ambitious!


Not so complicated to pull off (I say), but cool nonetheless.


This pumpkin looks like it belongs in a galaxy far, far away. And on that note…


May the force be with you this Halloween.

Image: Clarke Thomas/Flickr

Haunted house panorama

When carving just one elaborate pumpkin is not enough.

Duck Dynasty

The Duck Dynasty fellas and their trademark beards. (Those glasses.)

Snow White and Three Dwarves

It’s not a holiday without a touch of Disney. (Insert sarcasm here.)


More Disney, because duh. Nice detail with that constellation.


A reminder to phone home.

Happy face

This cheery retro-style jack-o’-lantern is adorable — and doable for the average carver.


Just stop it already with this expressive little cat face. Meow.

Spider Pumpkin

A pumpkin that will definitely make your skin crawl.

Pumpkin Pi

And finally, the requisite pun.