Are Theo Galavan & Harvey Dent Working Together? This 'Gotham' Duo Would Make An Unstoppable Team

Ever since he first made his grand debut, it was clear that Theo Galavan has big plans for Gotham . And while he hides behind a "good guy" facade, his intentions are much more sinister than simply craving power. He wants revenge on the Wayne family for a wrong that was made against his own flesh and blood many years ago. And since Bruce is currently the last Wayne in existent, our vigilante-in-training is in more danger now than ever. But that's a worry for another day. I'm more concerned right now about who we can and can't trust on this show. We've seen how corrupt the people of Gotham can get and given Galavan's unconditional money and power, he has to have a lot of friends in powerful places. Which is why I'm highly suspicious that Theo and Harvey Dent could be working together.

Though the episode description for "Mommy's Little Monster" doesn't mention Harvey by name, it would make sense for Theo to have someone working on the inside and no one would suspect Gotham's heroic district attorney of foul play. And if a picture really does say a thousand words, then these latest Gotham images speak volumes given how chummy these two characters look together.

Here we see Harvey almost hiding in the shadows and looking right at Galavan in an almost admirable way. Is he just another victim to fall under the potential mayor's spell or could this be the beginning of Dent's decent into villainy? Every person has two sides to their face, and it could be that Dent is about to come out of the shadows and show off his darker side. We've already seen it happen with Edward Nygma this season. So it would make sense that the "Rise of the Villains" would only continue to grow in numbers.

We haven't seen hyde nor hair of Dent since he and Jim Gordon were reprimanded by the mayor for a case back in Season 1, which eventually led to Gordon's transfer to Arkham. But other than that, his actions since then have remained pretty much a mystery. His main goal has always been to bring justice to Gotham City and remove the criminals from the streets. However, even those with the most moral of intentions can sometimes be led astray and no one is better at manipulation than Galavan. He knows how to spin the truth to fit his own means and could easily persuade Dent into thinking that his actions are for the greater good. I suppose only time will tell.

But whether or not Dent is in on Galavan's plans or not, his clear connection to this year's villain signifies that Dent is edging closer and closer to falling from grace. It's just a question of if Theo will be the one to give him that final push off the ledge. But if anyone can do it, it's this guy. Either way, though, I'm just happy to have Nicholas D’Agosto back on my screen. So no matter which side of the coin you're looking at, I'd call this a win-win.

Image: FOX (2); Giphy