New 'By The Sea' Trailer Is Almost Silent, But Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Faces Say It All — VIDEO

A picture's worth a thousand words, and this has never been more true than in the case of Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt. The new trailer for By The Sea, an Angelina Jolie-directed flick that stars herself and Pitt, proves this; it's almost entirely silent except for a dramatic score and a sob at the very end. Instead, we see constantly shifting images of Angelina and Brad Pitt, and the effect is as gorgeous as it is heart-wrenching.

The film, which was also written by Jolie-Pitt, tells the story of a couple's deteriorating marriage set on a seaside property in France in the '70s. Jolie Pitt told EW that this latest trailer sets the mood, but does not give much away. “I like trailers that don’t explain the whole film; that tell you exactly what to expect.” Judging from this trailer, what we can expect are some very excellent actors playing very listless, unhappy people, beautiful cinematography, and some dramatic confrontations. As if we already weren't excited enough to see the couple reunite on set for the first time since Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Here are some of the most revealing images from the film in that they say a lot about the characters, if not the plot.

1. Alone In A Mansion

Many of the shots depict Jolie Pitt's character Vanessa isolated and small in a vast landscape, suggesting feelings of loneliness.

2. Lost In Thought

This beautiful shot of Vanessa smoking shows that she has a lot on her mind.

3. Relaxing

She appears to be in repose but listless, perhaps assisted by the glass of wine at her side.

4. Out of Control

Vanessa seems to spend a lot of time spinning, crawling, and looking desperately around, like a bored child.

5. Terrifying

A major fight, a lot of crying.

6. Violence

This bedroom scene shows a deeply disturbed marriage.

7. Popping Pills

Further evidence of disturbance, though her eyeliner is on point.

8. Mirror Crying

Mirror crying is always a major low, and the wedding ring adds insult to injury.

9. Sleeping On The Couch, bench.

10. Losing It In Public

Note the fancy setting in contrast to Vanessa apparently having a breakdown.

11. This Look

They understand each other, but they're not communicating anything good.

12. Putting Up A Fight

Pitt's character Roland takes a stand, though it's unclear whether this scene is violent or sexual or a little of both.

13. Suicidal Thoughts

A potentially very scary scene.

14. Defeated

Roland frequently channels defeat in his posture during this trailer.

15. A Little Tenderness

In the trailer's only audio, this final clip shows Vanessa releasing a sob, while Roland still seems to want to help her feel better. You can hear it in the full clip:

Jolie Pitt expressed to EW that she hopes audiences “are curious and that when they see the film they find it interesting. That’s all I can hope for.” The trailer certainly piques curiosity, though I'm not sure it's the best movie to see with your significant other.

Images: Universal Pictures (16)