'The Mindy Project's 5 Best Eps: Do You Agree?

It's back, it's back! At long last, it's back! After waiting what felt like an eternity — probably due to the mesmerizing nature of Chris Messina's dance movesThe Mindy Project is back from hiatus tonight. The FOX series that's won our hearts and earned the title of Most Improved Show on TV (at least to us), so forgive us if we're a bit too keen to talk about it leading into tonight's episode, "Danny Castellano is My Personal Trainer." After all, the show has grown and improved enormously in less than two seasons by finding its footing and its heart by fleshing out the supporting cast. With tighter writing, more focused characters, and plenty of embarrassing date moves that'll keep romantic comedy films busy for a generation, it's not hard to pick favorites. In fact, when we saw a (now-deleted to make room for ELLE Magazine controversy) tweet from Kaling heralding the episode as one of her favorites, we were all too eager to discuss our own favorite episodes of the comedy darling.

And while this show's future may still be in limbo, now is the perfect time to do just that. You've got to hop on board the Good Ship Lahiri, folks — it does a body good. Luckily, these five episodes may just convince you of what we've known was very good for you this entire time.

You've Got Sext

With the addition of Adam Pally as Dr. Peter Prentice to the cast, hijinks and ballyhoo have increased tenfold. It is a very, very good thing that the episode titled "You've Got Sext" plays up with gleeful abandon. Not to mention the talented and charming It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator Glenn Howerton co-stars as the sexter-to-be.

Santa Fe

The first season episode "Santa Fe" saw the arrival of the series' golden girl, writer/producer Tracey Wigfield. And she came in with a bang: the episode found Mindy confronting her former handsome boyfriend Josh in rehab. Surprise, surprise: things do not go as planned. The result, however, it a lot of the show's greatest strengths — quippy one-liners, Danny's curmudgeonly tendencies — rolled into one well-crafted, punchy package.

Frat Party

Calling a stripper pole at a frat party you "personal Berlin Wall" is amazing on so many levels it's hard to write much else about this hilariously goofy episode. Pastor Casey (Anders Holm) gets into an outlandish fight with Mindy's ex (played by Bill Hader) which makes for a lanky little lark.

Magic Morgan

Oh that goofy Morgan Tookers. Always so strange and somehow charming. In one of the strongest episodes of the second season "Magic Morgan," the lovable goof makes a serious claim that — coupled with the further development of Peter Prentice

Christmas Party Sex Trap

Do we need to spell it out for you? As if the episode weren't chockablock with wonderfully poignant and funny (and romantic) moments already, they had to go ahead and have Danny Castellano dance to Aaliyah's "Try Again." (Obviously including this portion of the episode is incredibly self-indulgent but you'll thank me. Trust.) Now watch just try and tell me you're not on board with this series' play on funny and heartfelt awkwardness.

Image: Jordin Althaus/FOX