Leo DiCaprio's Doppelgänger Seriously IS '90s Leo

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio was quite the heartthrob in the '90s? Who didn't drool over him every time they watched DiCaprio strut his stuff in Titanic, Romeo & Juliet, or The Basketball Diaries? Well, it looks like Young Leo is coming back into everyone's lives via Leonardo DiCaprio's Swedish doppelgänger, Konrad Annerud. The 21-year-old model is making headlines for just how much he resembles DiCaprio, especially back in the day.

The resemblance really is uncanny and will definitely make you do a double take. After taking one look at the photos, you'll soon find yourself down the rabbit hole that is Annerud's Instagram account, which is filled with a ton of DiCaprio look-alike images.

So, how does Annerud feel about being DiCaprio's twin? As he told Swedish outlet Nyheter24 (via PopSugar),

When I was in Italy this Summer I almost felt like shaving my hair off. It was very chaotic; people were yelling "Leo" and wanted to take photos with me all the time. It was one of the craziest things I've ever experienced.

Well, buddy, it doesn't look like the craziness is about to stop anytime soon. Here's proof of just how similar DiCaprio and Annerud are.

1. When They Both Wore Leather

They totally rock those leather jackets.

2. When They Were Shirtless

The. Same. Person.

3. When They Both Smoked

Just say no.

4. When They Were Both Model-Like In Black And White

So Blue Steel.

5. When They Were Both Super Chill

They sure know how to relax and wear sunglasses.

6. When They Both Casually Walked Down The Street

Sorry. Had to.

So, do you think Annerud will play DiCaprio in his biopic?

Images: Twentieth Century Fox; DreamWorks Pictures