Vanessa Hudgens's Costume Hint Is Super Sparkly

With Halloween a day away, some celebrities have already taken to Instagram to show off their spooky-chic costumes. Keeping her All Hallows Eve look under wraps, Vanessa Hudgens hinted at her Halloween costume via Instagram, and her sneak peek is super sparkly. If her latest costume is anything like her previous Halloween creations, then it's bound to be fabulous.

With just one look at her Insta, it's clear that Hudgens is excited for the upcoming holiday. After posting pictures of pumpkins and red hair extensions throughout October, the singer is finally giving followers a glimpse of this year's costume. She showed off her long, sparkly blue nails adorned with black bows and added a caption asking her fans to guess what she'll be dressing up as.

Her followers seem to overwhelmingly think that she'll be Alice in Wonderland, but the possibilities really are endless if we're just looking at blue nails. I'm going to guess she'll be either an Ice Queen or Cinderella, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

She might even blow us all away by rocking something completely over-the-top! In the past she's dressed as a mermaid, but something tells me she's going bigger than ever this year.

This isn't the first Halloween look she's rocked this year. In the past few weeks, she's worn a variety of non-commital costumes, as well as some actual costumes, so clearly she's excited for tomorrow. Here are all the ways she's celebrated so far.

1. Getting Festive With Red Hair

Rocking a Vampirella shirt and a new hair hue, Hudgens is sure getting in the holiday spirit.

2. Experimenting With Colored Contacts

No word whether she'll be wearing these contacts for her costume or not, but she's had them on for the past few days.

3. Wearing Couples Costume

She and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, dressed as the couple from Pulp Fiction at an early Halloween party.

4. Sporting A Holiday Graphic Tee


Hudgens took the red carpet in cat ears and a "just here for the boos" t-shirt. The color combination was perfect for fall and was a great way to get in the spooky spirit.

5. Channeling A Classic

With long dark nails and a smokey eye, the star posed in front of a Ghostbusters logo.

I can't wait to see what she'll wear!

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