Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Non-Committal Costume

Now that October is here, the countdown to Halloween is on. Vanessa Hudgens stepped out in a scary t-shirt that had just the right vibe to ring in October. It was spooky, but it wasn’t a full-on costume. Because you can’t get all dressed-up in your Halloween garb too early, you know?

She paired leather shorts with a t-shirt that had the phrase, “Just here for the boos” printed on it, topping it all off with a mustard colored sweater and cat ears. It was kind of like a costume, but not really. Like I said, just the right touch for this time of year! And whether you’re wanting to channel Halloween throughout the entire month of October (one day really isn't enough) or you just aren’t into the whole planning out an elaborate costume thing, you can channel your best Hudgens with similar "scary" pieces.

From sweaters with bats on them to cat shoes, it’s not hard to work the theme of the month into your wardrobe without going over the top. I assure you, these items are just as cute as they are spooky, so you’re going to want to wear them all month long, whether you're a huge Halloween fan or not! See Hudgen’s on-point outfit, plus shop the best non-committal Halloween looks below.

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See, just the right amount of spooky and cute.


She's rang in the month of October just right.

1. Boo Sweatshirt

Halloween Sweatshirt With Boo Print, $44, ASOS

Boo! Don't be scared! It's just an adorable sweatshirt.

2. Ant Tee

Sequin Ants Tee, $18, Forever 21+

Filled with creepy crawlies, this top is cute, but will still give you the heebie geebies.

3. Cat Flats

Cat Face Ballet Flats, $44, ASOS

Go ahead, do your best cat walk. Hehe, Get it?

4. Fang Tights

Bit and Wisdom Tights, $15, ModCloth

These are creepy, but kind of adorable at the same time.

5. Bat Sweater

Halloween Bats Jumper, $53, ASOS

This is just perfect for this time of year.

6. Black Cat Purse

Cat To The Chase Bag, $40, ModCloth

So, it's bad luck for a black cat to cross your path, but they never said anything about a black cat cross-body, now, did they?

7. Ghost Sweater

Halloween Ghost Elbow Patch Sweater, $39, ASOS Curve

These spooky little ghost elbow patches are just the right touch.

8. Darth Vader Bag

Darth Side Of The Swoon Bag, $55, ModCloth

Complete any Star Wars themed outfit with this bag.

9. Angel Tee

Halloween Boyfriend T-Shirt, $32, ASOS

Because maybe you just feel like being a lazy girl this Halloween.

Whether you're not into donning a full costume or you just want to start celebrating early, these are the perfect pieces for a minimal Halloween vibe.

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