Woman Takes Engagement Pictures With Pizza

When I woke up this morning I did not expect to read an article about a woman who took engagement pics with pizza. I read the title and thought to myself, No way is this real. BOY, was I wrong. Not only are the pictures of Nicole Larson and her delicious beau exactly what you imagine in your head, but they are somehow better. The lighting is soft. The makeup is natural. Hair flowing. Pizza box in tow. All ingredients that are somehow able to make one perfect engagement album for a woman and her pizza-lover — all thanks to photographer Miriam Lena, who truly made this the cinematic romance of a lifetime.

Listen, bae, I get it! I've been in a committed relationship with my tortilla chips and salsa for years. Not to a point where I'm comfortable being in a photo shoot with them, but you go girl! If you love your pizza that much, I say put a ring on it! (I would also suggest getting this Reheatza sent to you ASAP.) Beyoncé and the rest of the world is behind you.

Now, am I saying that maybe as an ex-NYC resident that I might have slightly higher pizza standards? (Yes. Yes, I am.) But follow your bliss, girl. I suggest going to NYC and having a weekend hall-pass between you and that box. Try some New York options, and if at the end of the weekend you are still madly and deeply in love with that pizza, make it official. Either way, Larson and Lena's intention to send a message of body positivity through these pictures is commendable, delicious, and great.

These are some choice photographs of Nicole Larson and her pizza-bae to kick off your weekend:

1. A Moment Of Zen

A lady, a box of pizza, a bridge. I love the three-quarter composition of the picture, but what I really love is the deep connection between Nicole and her bae.

2. Back To The Basics...

Take it back to where it all began, the wheat field. I will say this has a bit of a vibe to it, only because wheat is processed into flour which is then used to make pizza. It's almost like going to a sperm bank to take engagement photos.

3. I'll Never Let Go

Unlike Rose, Nicole will keep her promise and never let go. I respect that in a woman.

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Images: Courtesy of Miriam Lena